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Daily Vomiting - Not Pregnant

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 8, 2011
  • 02:06 AM

I used to think everyone threw up in the morning; maybe if they slept too much or not enough b/c that's what I thought was happening to me. I wake up nauseated every day and generally vomit. I have done this every day since I was a VERY little girl. I can't find the link: acid, stress, alcohol, my IBS meds...It doesn't happen if I just lie down; I have to actually cross over to "asleep". I wake up nauseated. In as little as a 10min nap, I can wake up nauseated. Usually it happens when I first wake up around 6-ish. I roll over and - BOOM - I can FEEL it moving and the sickness brewing. If I'm lucky, I can roll back over and it'll "re-set", but usually I'm just stuck: sick and awake...Like some kind of vertigo... Once in a great while it'll force me awake at 4am and I'll puke. The weird thing is that it’s rarely ever true "puke". It’s more like foam, but my body HAS to go through the dry-heave or something or else it won't stop...Vomiting offers no relief. It returns in under 60seconds. I know - "see a doctor", but this has been a way of life for 30 years - I'm just now getting too old for this crap, I guess...I've been on Prilosec for YEARS in case it was acid, I'm on antidepressants incase its stress, I've done Emetrol (which just makes you puke cherry syrup, btw), I even have my medical marijuana card (because the THC seems to help the vomiting more than anything I've tried so far) but nothing is fail safe. I don't know what to do. My voice has changed from the constant irritation to my throat. Vomiting is my single most hated thing to do...and I get to do it everyday. I'm not pregnant & my stomach acid is under control. What's wrong with me? Does anyone else feel this way? Did anyone else go through this and find relief?

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  • I have done the same thing since i can remember since i was 7... Ive also taken prilosac for a long time.. I am almost 30 now and puking everyday is almost a normal thing its almost like i have morning sickness but without being prego... Its funny everything you said in your letter is everything i do and feel everyday you nailed it on the head... I been to multiple docs they think im crazy im glad to know im not the only one out their that has that issue with life .. Im so tierd of it though and it is very depressing ...
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