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Could there still be aortic regurgitation after all theses tests?

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  • Posted By: Billytogan
  • July 9, 2009
  • 08:59 AM

I have had 2 echocardiograms and over 8 EKGS and an MRI of my heart. I also had a stress test but that was over 10 months ago. Multiple doctors have listened to my heart.

The echo have had both doppler and color flow.
The first echo was perfect.
The second the doctor called and said go to the hospital you need a CT of your aorta. (he never told me what he suspected was wrong) He said he did not see anything wrong but something about he is not sure and the echo is not good for viewing this. So I went and had an MRI of my heart. Everything came back fine and the doctor said the echo was a false-positive and that it is common for what they suspected does not show up well on echos.

So overall I have had 2 echos many ekgs and an mri.

Could I still have aortic regurgitation or is this my anxiety just overboard? When I look in the mirror I have prominent carotid pulses and they look like they pop out fast and collapses quickly at first then slow down collapsing. Then pop out fast and collapse quickly then slows down collapsing... ect. It almost looks like it vibrates but I do have slight hypertension and a strong pulse so that could be why. I also have a skinny neck. I have read that a sign of regurgitation is a collapsing neck pulse.

When I had the echo's my heart was beating fast around 90-120tops mostly around 100-110 though. I have read that a fast heart rate can mess up the echo for regurgitation because the filling period of the heart (when the regurgitation happens) is shorter and that something about the echo can not capture the frames in enough time. I did not mention that to the doctor but they assure me my valves are working fine. They said I had a very slight regurgitation but its very very common and it happens in most people. Could that slight regurgitation turn into severe regurgitation if my heart was normal speed? I can feel my pulse in my hand when my heart rate is slow but it diminishes when my heart rate is fast because the stroke volume is less b/c the heart beats so fast. Should I have an echo when im feeling this pulse in my hand or does that not even matter would Aortic regurgitation show up anyways?

My parents think im crazy b/c I have bad anxiety ever sense my roommate died.
Should I push for another echo? or am I crazy and this is my severe anxiety?

Plus how good are MRI's are finding problems in general and aortic regurgitation?

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