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constipation & laxatives-please help!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 3, 2008
  • 09:44 PM

I have been wanting a clarification for my problem for a long time now..
I need any help, please

It started by noticing that when i don't to the bathroom (constipation), i over eat. And when i do go regularly i never get the urge to overeat or binge, i just eat proper amounts and i feel much better..
So i decided to take laxative herbs (tea bags) that are 100% natural. They worked for a while but i think my body got used to them and sometimes they didn't work.
And finally for the last 10 days i have been taking "chemical" laxatives (pills) that were prescribed by my doctor-when i told him that i don't "empty" my stomach everyday. Taking a pill every day i noticed how i eat very small amounts of food that make me feel full and for a long time, sometimes i don't even feel hungry at all. I lost some weight but it's because of the amounts i eat of course and not the kinds of food. The doctor told me to take them for 10 days and i am really afraid of the coming period without those pills. I hate depending on such things and i know laxatives are very wrong.

P.s: i am obsessed with weight loss if that is of any significance

Please help!

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  • thanks for the reply!I think I'm electro sensitive-makes sense as i can't stand stand fluorescent light and computers do give me nausea. And i am exposed to Wi-Fi like all the time. That has anything to do with constipation realy:confused:
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  • Please get help with counseling or visit some sites on eating disorders and body image issues. Your use of laxatives (which are horrible and cause all kinds of problems, even the so called "natural" ones) are indicative of eating disorders like bulemia and anorexia. I believe you have an eating disorder and need therapy AND qualified professional help. Please don't put this off! My friend has battled bulemia for nearly 15 years and she is near death from it...please get the help you need asap! Use of laxatives drains your body of essential nutrients...please visit a good naturopath, kinesiologist, or NAET practitioner who can offer you some nutritional advice to get you back on track. Consider a good quality ALoe product to regulate your bowels. I recommend Herbal Aloe Force if you can find it - very good product. Best wishesDOM
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  • thank you very much..maybe i do suffer from an eating disorder-but definitely not bulimia (when i mentioned "overeat" in my 1st submit i only meant like a large plate rather than a small one and that's it not what you think of bulimic overeating). If anything i eat very small amounts of food. i haven't over eaten (the ill case) for a looong time now, maybe i used to 6 months ago.I do hate laxatives (i know they're anti nutrition and might even be addictive to the body) and yet i want to empty everyday and that's why i resort to them.I will check this aloe regulator. thanks again for the help : )
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  • Hy.This is a good information for me.Thnaks
    JulietteKlonk 2 Replies
    • January 4, 2010
    • 02:41 PM
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