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coma after brain surgery for arachnoid cyst

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  • May 21, 2009
  • 08:20 PM

can anyone explain,

my wonderful dad aged 56 went in for brain surgery on tuesday 12th May, to have an arachnoid cyst (benign) drained that was between the 2 brain spheres slightly to the right, pressing on the brain stem, neurosurgeon said he would have a minor head ache and be in hospital for a week, he woke up from the op on Wednesday morning, eye's were "muddy" and unfocused, could barely speak and wasn't sure what had happened to him. Doctors said op was a success there had been hardly any bleeding, and had placed a drain at the back of his head. That wednesday my mum went in to see him and found him waving his arms and trying to say help, his Blood pressure was over 180, nurse said she's only turned her back for a few minutes. That afternoon doctors came to check on him, and although he was talking they found his eyes were "funny" and brain pressure was a bit high, and discovered that the drain they had sewn in had fallen out (several days later they tell us my dad pulled it out???) they rushed him off for a ct scan and discovered a blood clot/hematoma in the cerebellum on the other side (left) of where they had drained the cyst, they put a new drain in at the front of his forhead, and chose to keep him fully sedated to see if the clot would dissipate on its own, the following day I spoke to him and he moved his lips, that afternoon, Thursday, they rushed him off to theatre again saying his one eye was not dilating and they had to remove the clot, but in surgery they removed part of the clot, but it was to deep, and they discovered that it was not due to the clot, but something out of their control, they told us they would keep him on maximum support but it was now out of their hands, and due to all the machines he was attached to they could not do an MRI. We spoke to him and prayed and his shoulders moved twice and a tear rolled down his cheek, they did not expect him to make it through the night, but the next morning his eyes were dilating perfectly. they kept him sedated for a further 3-4 days and every time he tried to wake up they sedated him more, and on the Monday they decided all his vitals were good, he was tolerating food through a tube, and his brain pressure was very good, so they would take him off all sedation and let him wake up. the nurses told us he would take a few days to wake up, on Tuesday the following day he had not yet woken up, so the doctors told us he was in a level 5 coma and had definately had a stroke? he did move a lot though and is responding to pain, voices etc, the following day they did a ct scan, and the brain tissue where the clot had been was healing nicely, there was still no pressure on the brain so they could remove the drain, and all his vitals were great, and they could not tell if he had had a stroke, everytime we go to visit him his blood pressure is like 180+, and the nurses say it's because they've just moved him or something, but although the doctors want to keep his blood pressure on th higher side, thats just too high surely. they wanted to place a tracheotamy in his throat and a feeding tube, so as to avoid any infections as he had had the ventilator tubes in his nose for over a week. so they've done this today, and tonight he had a fever and his heart beat went to 170, so they have administered an antibiotic and something to bring down his heart, and say it is an infection in his lungs from the tracheotamy, and is quite common? Now the thing is the doctors are completely puzzled as to why he is not waking up, my dad has high blood pressure and a rythm thing with his heart which he was on the following medications for (warfarin- which he stopped taking a few weeks before the op) zetomax, hexorone and bisicor, which they have been administering to not sure if they started straight after op, I don't think they did straight away maybe a few days later. could these or the meds used for pain and/or the meds used to sedate him have cause this coma, etc? How can a healthy happy man go in to theatre and land up in a coma, and the doctors top neurosurgeons have never seen anything like it?

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  • my dad did not make it last night, when we got to Entabeni hospital his heart rate was 190, the out of the bush nurse at SICU refused to help him, we had to phone anaethetists and the neurosurgeon who is supposed to be the best, and beg them to come in and they refused and then finally came, he had a fever of 39.5 and was convulsing in agony, the nurse told us it was just a common infection from them putting the tracheotamy and stomach tube in, she seemed as though she had been told to let him die, we then got a cardiologist in from another hospital who tried to shock his heart back into rythm, by now his heart fibulations were full blown, finally his heart came right, but his blood pressure was so low, and his brain had been starved, the cardiologist from another hospital said he was riddled with septicemia, and had yellow jaundice, why did the doctors and nurses neveer once mention this and still deny it, had they known all along and knowing that it was medical neglegence kept it hidden and were hoping to kill him off as quickly as possible and blame it on a stroke that they could not prove? they would not let us see records or meds admitted or scans they had done, the nurses and doctors had different stories every time, they avoided us and kept lying to us, we caught them time and time again just sitting watching him while his blood pressure was sauring over 220, and wuld only do something about it when we begged them, they knew something all along and would not tell us. when we told them we were to do a post mortem autopsy the neurolgist was very much against it, saying he had died of natural cause (heart fibbulation), but when we insisted he said he would organise the autopsy with his pathologist, but we cannot trust these people who kept trying to cover up there stories, and will get one done on our own. then we found out they had done the surgery for the tracheotamy and stomach tube without an anaesthetic, despite the fact my dad was responding to pain and touch. my dad went through absolute torture the absolute worst type of death imaginable, and it was unneccessary, and he was the kindest most humblest happy man, who loved life and god and would not have hurt a fly. and to make matters worse whilst in "coma" when ever my that dr came near my dad and he could hear his voice he would start breathing fast, hyperventilating, he was so scared of them
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