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  • Posted By: jdk426
  • April 23, 2007
  • 08:17 PM

About a month ago. I was sitting with my fiance. And all of a sudden felt like i couldnt breathe or swallow. I was short on breath. Felt like i was on my way to death. Was thinking more of a heart attack. Actually TONS of things were running through my head. I rushed to the ER having calmed down a small bit. They checked my vitals(blood pressure etc) and oxygen levels. everything was pretty normal with exceptions of my fast heart race. They said i had a panic attack and anxiety to go check with a family doctor. I have no insurance and can not afford it. Since that day i have not felt normal. I have felt kind of empty like i cant do the things i use to do. i have thoughts racing through my head all day long. Since then i cant say ive had a panic attack. Ive felt like i was going to have one,but i think i kind of controled it, but i still have that empty feeling. Well the other day i had a bad pain in my back right near my shoulder blade. The following day the pain wasnt there it was in my neck. It felt real stiff like a crick in my neck. Then it proceeded to my shoulder area rotater cuff area. It has a aggrivating pain but nothing bad. But it seems that it is accompanied by a numbness and tingling sensation in my whole arm down to my hand. It almost feels as if i am not getting the right blood flow to my left arm/hand. I have also been having a stomach problem. Not a pain but a burning feeling (most likely because im hungry because of loss of appetite) i eat but not like i use to. I am usually tired and fatigued all day. But have trouble sleeping at night. I am saving up to goto a family doctor,but im scared. Ive never felt like this before. I have been searching on teh web everyday,and it seems that my problems are symptoms of everything ive found . i know searching around isnt the best solution but i want to know what is going on with me. I am just not myself. I get nervous when i go out in public sometimes and just want to go home. I am real edgy. I dont like being around alot of people talking at once. I cant concentrate on everything that is going on and i get nervous. Most of my body feels tense. Is this jsut high stress and anxiety or is it worse than that? Any input would be appreciated. Ive seem to have loss somewhat short term memory,but ive read that most likely due to excessive mind racing with anxiety. But as i said ive not been to a doctor only the ER and they couldnt diagnos it only tell me what it seemed to be to check a family doctor. Thank you for listening. By the way i am a 24 year old male. Thanks,Jerry

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