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Chronic stomach pain/fatiuge & malaise

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  • Posted By: Living Strong
  • March 21, 2007
  • 01:03 PM

I was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer Nov 11th 2004. I was only 36 at the time, yes very rare and also no family history to speak of. Just one of those things. I had a partial pancreatectomy, full splenectomy but recieved no chemo or radiation.:eek: My oncologist took it upon himself to decline such procedures without consulting me first. It should have been given for six months at least after my surgery. There is no going back of course, and i do not dwell on that. It has been a little more than two years that i have been in remission. However I am far from better. Since leaving hospital the first time i have been back many times. They did another surgery where they re-opened me again to clear away debris and check for spreading cancer. My oncologist noticed some spotting but no cancer to speak of. I have had many tests and procedures since then to find the source of my pain. i have constant stomach pain up high , under the breast bone. It has been there from the start and has never gone away. I have good and bad days, good being i can cope with the pain and go about normal duties. However if it is a bad day, i have to be in bed, unable to do anything. Along with that because of the cancer i now have Diabetes, and anemia. Because my situation is so strenous, i can no longer work. My days are filled with stomach pain, fatigue, nausea, dizziness and headaches. My Dr's have not been able to find the source of the stomach pain, i have said all along that i have pancreatitis, however they all disagree because of the technology in front of them. But i know my body, & i know my symptoms and i know this disease is hard to pin point. I am due back in hospital on April 11th where they are looking in my stomach once again, this time to check for bleeding because of the anemia. If nothing else is found my oncologist has basically asked me to let things go. to accept that my symptoms are an after effect of the cancer. I am suppose to adjust my life and try to deal with it. How does one do that? when they are on high doses of Demerol daily for the pain. Also living with the pain daily and all the other symptoms is very exhausting in itself. I still have regular CT scans which will continue for another year. I have been on many drug therapies and none have worked. I cannot see a pain specialist, i saw two of them and they both declined me because of the area of the pain. Because it is my stomach they cannot put needles in to relieve pain in case they hit something they shouldn't. Simply because my pain is unfound. I have tried everything to no avail. I live now, just greatful for each day and try to work through those days as best i can. It is an emotional roller coaster for not only me but my husband and children as well. I was given a "five year survival" rate, almost all cancer patients are. With pancreatic being one of the worst to have. The chances of it regrowing somewhere else are very high for me. Especially when chemo was not an otpion. My oncologist felt that his surgery was such a success in his words...chemo would not be needed. I beg to differ...but like i stated earlier, that is the past and there is nothing i can do, i will not dwell on that. My task is to not give up and keep looking for the source of my pain. I have become such a self advocate, i read as much as possible and i watch programs that have similiarities to myself. Anyone out there with any news whether they think it is relevant to me or not, please pass it along. Anything would be greatly appreciated.;)

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