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Chronic Right Lower Quadrant Pain Appendix Polyp

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 9, 2011
  • 02:39 AM

I want to share my story in hopes of helping someone else.
In the fall of 2009 I started having lower right abdominal pain. It generally started out as a shooting or stabbing pain right inside of my right hip bone. Often it would radiate around to my lower back. The lower back pain would be more of an ache. This pain wasn't severe, just distracting and annoying. It wasn't constant, it would come and go; lasting for a few hours and then disappearing for a few days. I also had episodes of naseau, sometimes with sudden vomiting. I also had intermittent diarrhea. After a couple of months I went to see my general practioner. She did blood work, ordered a CT scan, an X-ray and a pelvic ultrasound. The blood work showed a slight increase in my WBC count. The X-ray showed some stool backed up in my colon. The CT scan was negative for appendicitis. The pelvic ultrasound was also negative. My doctor sent me to a surgeon for a colonoscopy consultation. He had me take Miralax for a few weeks and that relieved the pain for a while so we did not do a colonoscopy.
Fast forward a few months. I started having the pain again and started taking the Miralax again. This time it did not help. The pain was becoming more frequent and severe. I went back to my GP and she repeated all of the tests. The results were the same. We discussed the possibiliy of endometriosis and I went to see my Gynecologist. My gynecologist also agreed that endometriosis was a possibility so we talked about doing an exploratory laporascopy. In the mean time she looked at my CT scan results. She called me saying that she was concerned that although scan showed that my appendicitis was not inflamed, it was slightly dilated. She suggested that given the location of my pain and since I was going to have a laporascopy anyway we should have a general surgeon come in and remove my appendix at the same time.
I had the surgery done and there were a couple of small cysts removed from my right ovary and my appendix was removed. The appendix looked fairly normal. About a week after my surgery I received a call from the surgeon. He told me that he had gotten the pathology report on my appendix back and it showed that I had had an appendiceal polyp. It extended out of my appendix and into the cecum so I had to have a second surgery to have the remainder of polyp removed. This polyp was a type that most likely would have turned into cancer if it had not been found. As frustrating as this whole process was I am extremely grateful that it was found. I was tempted many times to just give up and live with the pain as I felt I wasn't getting anywhere. I felt so vindicated when they found the polyp. The lesson I learned was that if you know there is truly something wrong, don't give up. I was told several time that there was no way that the pain could be caused by appendix because appendiceal pain isn't chronic. Turns out they were wrong and if I had given up I could have easily ended up with cancer.

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