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Chronic Head Pressure

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 11, 2008
  • 05:23 AM

For the past 4-5 months I have been suffering from chronic head pressure/headaches. It is less severe sometimes, but it never goes away. I have fairly severe TMJ. I thought at first that the pressure may have been related to my wisdom teeth, so I had them removed last week. Since then, the head pressure has been much worse. It only alleviates to a tolerable level when I lay down. But once I get up again and start moving around, it comes back. I hope that the pressure/headaches are related to my jaw problems. I push on my jaws and massage them with alot of pressure and it seems to help with the head pressure a little bit. Could the irritation and pulling and pushing on my jaws during the wisdom teeth extraction be what has made my head pressure worse since then?

I have also been experiencing some dizziness and weakness with this. The dizziness is not so severe that I lose my balance or anything, but it is nonetheless present.

This chronic problem has really taken my life from me in the last few months. I am 27 years old and in good health (before this). I am not overweight and I am fairly athletic and active. It has made me very lethargic and not want to do anything. Any ideas what it might be?

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  • It sounds like you need to go to the doctor. He or she may refer you to a neurologist. The kind of pain you describe should not be ignored and they may be able to image your head and figure out what's wrong.Best Wishes.
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  • Hi. I am just wondering if you have found out anything since your last post? My s.o. is experiencing symptoms very similar to yours. He has been feeling chronic head pressure the past year or so, never quite leaving, and inhibiting him from living his life as he did before this all started. He has seen a few doctors, had a ct, mri, and other tests, even went to Mayo and had a round of testing done there too. Inconclusive. The doctors do not know what to tell him, they say he is very healthy, textbook even.appreciate it...
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  • Its easy to fix your problem if you shift your paradigm from drugging and cutting the body. The life currents from brain is not reaching all parts of your body hence the discomfort. Follow the Bioneuroenergenology healing arts of Late Dr. Robert C. Bright, you will get relief quickly. You first see the photos of me relieving such problems as you go thru the link...Please check this link and watch the slide show... Check this link..... http://s710.photobucket.com/albums/ww110/PArjuna/LTM%20in%20Chennai/You can contact me at PArjuna85210@yahoo.comGod bless you,Garla Arjuna.
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  • Hi. I just wanna share my experience.2003, I started to feel little pains in my head and sometimes, I can't hear well. I thought it was just nothing, until 2005 up to 2008, the pain became so intense. At first I thought that it was just a migraine, but I asked myself why I have terrible pressure inside my ear.I went to different doctors and spent a lot of money for ear check ups and head x-rays, but they all said that my ear is clean and healthy, but still, the terrible pressure inside my left ear hurts my head that also affects my eyes and sometimes nose. I'd been so *****d and worried why doctors kept telling me otherwise, while I was really feeling terrible pain inside my ear and my head. Sometimes I just pulled my hair and felt like bumping it on the wall cos of too much pain in my head and I felt like I want to scratch something inside my head that causes pain. Since 2007, aside from terrible head aches, I also felt dizziness that sometimes I wanted to vomit. July 2008, I kept on searching on the net about my symptoms and to get a very good EENT till I stumbled to one of good surgeons back in the Philippines. 2 days before we arrived to his office for check up, I almost cannot stand anymore due to too much dizziness. Then, when he checked my left ear using a computer, he cannot see the ear drum anymore. He said that my ear bones eroded already. Then he told me to have a temporal CT scan which I haven't done before, and then they saw some tumors inside my head that according to them, melting my skull also. Therefore, this tumor could kill me by melting my skull and thus, exposing my brain. It was benign tumor that needed to have an immediate action.The doctor did what they called tympanomastoidectomy. I don't understand, he said, I probably had repeated severe ear infection, but I can't remember any. He also mentioned the word Cholesteatoma.He cannot tell me though the real reason why my problem occurred. I didn't have repeated severe ear infection. And just after my surgery, I feel the same symptoms to my right ear. I told him that, and I even had CT scan, but then, my right ear shows clear and in good condition, but I feel otherwise. I feel it's getting worse everyday. And I am afraid that no one can see it until it's worse and needed surgery again. I suffer because of this and feel like losing hope. I hope that soon, a very good doctor can identify what's happening to me, now that I am already here in the US...
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  • Hello All,I too am seeking help. My husband had 2 back surgeries within 3 weeks. The first one was a failure at the least. He has had constant head pressure since. He has been to our PCP, ENT, and now a neurologist. They have done a brain MRI, neck xray, Back MRI, and did a blood patch to maybe see if he had a very small spinal fluid leak. He is worse. His face feels so full of pressure and the top of his head. He has lost a lot of weight since this has gone on for 6 months. Any ideas?
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