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Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis / 21 yo

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  • Posted By: vangelisk
  • March 29, 2011
  • 04:50 AM

I'm 21 years old male and was diagnosed to have chronic bacterial prostatitis about a year ago.

I've been subjected to 4 different treatments in this period of time.These treatments weren't one after another.

1.antibiotic course for 4 weeks.
2.1 week of injections and 3 weeks of antibiotics.
3.1 shot of injection and 5 days of antibiotics.
4.12 days of antibiotics.

I'm still not healed and very afraid that it's getting worse slowly.I read that depressive events in the patient's life might cause the sympthoms to get worse.Well lately i've been living harsh days.

The symptoms i had over the last year are :

inablity to urinate
pain during urination,burning feeling
preineum pain
pain and bloating feeling in lower abdomen
bloated feeling in rectal area
continual dull pain in testicles
pain in upper thighs
pain during and after ejaculation
reduced sexual desire
weak erections
dizziness,weakeness,frequent dreams,poor memory,low energy
sometimes my body temperature increases suddenly or i get such feeling

I masturbate and ejaculate 2-3 times a day.I feel like it's best to let the fluids go out rather than let them clog anything.

Q:Should i keep that habit or change it?

I also suspect that the bacteria might have got more resistant to antibiotics.

Q:Might this have really happened ? Will it change the way i should be treated?

I've already read much about the possible outcomes of the sickness when it's not treated.

Q:Still,should i really do something about it as soon as possible?

I've been wasting a lot of money on drugs,hospitals.And seeing i still suffer from it is literally takes away my will to live.

Q:Is there any kind of website or community that patients or ex-patients talk about ways to overcome this aspect of the condition?

I think i cannot be clear enough about this with the doctors i see.

Q:Is there something really spesific i should tell them so that they would actually care,see me as a suffering human being and pay attention to my condition?

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  • hello vangelisk wow your symptoms are pretty much Identical to mine. I have been suffering from chronic prostatitis since August 2nd 2010. I have been unable to work since August 2nd 2010 . the sexual functions is what gets to me more than anything. erection difficulty watching a ****o is like watching the 6 o clock news for me. my fiance even walked out and left me over my prostatitis because I could no longer make love to her anymore...... questions which antibiotic course did u take for 4 weeks ? next you stated you got 1 week of injections and 3 weeks of antibiotics.what antibiotics were in the shot and again here which pills did you take next you said you received 1 shot of injection and 5 days of antibiotics.again what injection and which pills and finally you stated you received 12 days of antibiotics. again which antibioticI am curious exactly which antibiotics they treated you with.
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  • ]]I'd go easy on the masturbating. it probably is just aggravating the prostate more. especially 2 or 3 times a day . that is over kill with prostatitis . try to do it only once every 5 to 7 days if you can handle that.]]very possible my condition differs a little from yours my prostatitis some antibiotics have had an affect but have been unable to kill the bacteria. you have reported they are doing you no good at all. and it is very scary that you have had injections even and they have failed ]]hospitals have you bee on an IV ?you honestly sound like the people I have watched videos of on the internet . where antibiotics have failed even injections etc .......and they ended up having to get the infected portion of there prostate cut off through laser surgery...some times bacteria can give your prostatitis and some times it can be some other unknown factor making your prostate go crazy. following is a youtube video from dr. krongrad watch all of his videos on his channel....these are men who have suffered through the same ***l you have been throughhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0BR6EgrLC4
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