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Chemical Sensitivity/ Molybdenum deficiency

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  • Posted By: taniaaust1
  • April 2, 2011
  • 08:57 PM

I thought I'd share the following as it may help someone else. I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (due to having CFS/ME) and recently found out another peice of my health puzzle... the cause of my MCS or some of it.

I had a hair analyses done which checked essential trace minerals and I came out as only having almost nil (Ive got less then .001, my amount isnt even showing up on the mineral chart they sent back) molybdenum in my hair (normal range is .003-.008)

(My specialist says that hair analyses can be very inaccurate due to hair picking up things from just the environment so can show a lot of high false readings, but low readings..things you are missing/deficiencies, do show up and should be accurate). Ive now been put onto a supplement called MolyZinc which contains 100mcg to deal with this issue.

Ive now researched molybdenum deficiency and found out its a rare issue (Some sites say babies born with molybdenum deficiency actually often die first years of life) and wikipedia says it is rare in natural settings (usually only found in patients being feed by IV.. Im thou eatting well and good, my doctor said it must be due to my diet but I know it isnt as I do eat foods which contain this as much as anyone else does maybe even more).

I mentioned my molybdenum deficiency on a CFS/ME site and found out I arent the only one there who has MCS to have this very unusual deficiency.

Molybdenum is an essential trace mineral as its needed to make two different body enzymes which are essential to metabolism. (wikipedia lists 6 which are co-dependant on it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Molybdenum_enzymes ) .

Molybdenum deficiency will cause issues with MCS as Molybednum is important to the body in its detoxification of certain things eg alcohol, saccharin and some other things. Interesting they are things I react very bad too.

So if you are chemically sensitive.. consider the possiblity of having this deficiency.

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