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Case of simple Tonsilitis turned Nasty!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 11, 2009
  • 04:28 AM

Thursday afternoon the back of my throat felt a little sore,went to work that PM just on finishing the shift my throat (tonsils) had 3x in size and i can feel it tightening around my throat. I started to have extreme pain with swallowing even my own saliva, water or food. Went home after finishing my shift took paracetamol to ease the pain but had difficulty breathing whilst lying down due to enlarged tonsils blocking my airways. Morning comes rang my local GP's clinic to book an appointment but he had Friday off, so i book to see his junior associate and alas this is when my whole problem started!
This junior doctor seemed to be an arrogant, uncaring health practitioner i have encountered in my whole life i am now 56years old but fit and healthy and no major chronic conditions, i work out every mornings weighed 79kgs and 5'7'.
When my turn came to see him the next day AM Friday and told him of my problems i am having like difficulty swallowing anything and with extreme pain, difficulty breathing and temperatures of 38degrees with muscles pains all over, he just took a tongue depressor and his tiny flashlight had a quick look and diagnosed slight swelling, i repeated my complaint and said it felt it is 3-4x it's size and already having difficulty breathing and my voice had started to disappear due to swelling around the larynx and had hardly anything to drink or eat and sleep much the previous night and this morning one sip of liquid and one small piece of toast is all i can swallow because of the pain from a scale of 1-10, i told him it was 10.He just smirked and started to write a script for mind you first generation oral penicillin 500mg 4x a day.
This is when i started to tell him what my regular doctor did when i had the same tonsillitis symptoms 4 years ago, i said he gave me I.M. long acting injection of penicillin and script for full dose of amoxycillin antibiotics plus panadeine forte for pain, fever and anti-inflammatory. In spite of my protest he sent me off with just a script for oral penicillin.
I filled in the script with my local pharmacy went home and with extreme pain took the first dose of the penicillin and paracetamol and went to bed.
But on the second day i felt it is getting worse and the penicillin does seem to be working on the infection,i have not been eating nor drinking enough fluids for 2.5 days now and i am already feeling very week, swallowing anything by mouth almost make me pass out due to extreme pain. In the afternoon i had the worst rigor i ever had in my 56 years i had the biggest chill and was shaking from head to toes for 20 mins or so and pass out on the floor and woke up groggy and burning up, with great difficulty i took an ice pack and place this on top of my head to lower my fever and took paracetamol and fell asleep.(FYI- i was alone because the wife and son were overseas and i opted to stay home due to personal reasons)
The next day feeling much worse i decided to get a taxi and headed to my nearest hospital emergency department to have I.V.Drips re-hydration and I.V. antibiotics because the oral antibiotics is not working after 24-48hrs now and i haven't any fluids nor food for at least 3.5 days now .By the time a nurse triage interviewed me my voice is gone due to the swelling in my throat and my breathing is becoming difficult due to the inflammation blocking the airways at the back of my throat.Still i had to wait for another excruciating 4hrs due to the protocol life threatening case first-and it seemed acute case of tonsillitis last, in this case i was hoping to pass out so i can be taken out of the waiting room and straight into casualty room and attending physicians.
Not long after my turn came up and this young looking emergency trained doctor took me in to a cubicle and started to interview me and with great difficulty speaking and helped with my body language i was able to give him all the important information, like the oral antibiotics has not worked for the last 48hrs (always bring all your current medications with you) and i have not had a decent drink of fluids nor food for the last 3.5 days and breathing difficulty and the voice which is very obvious hardly a whisper.He asked me to open my mouth and had a look inside my throat and immediately started to put in a cannula in the vein in my arm now i know i will get a proper treatment. I was taken to another wing near the emergency rooms they call this SSU-Acute care for short stay admission where they stabilize/treat patients for 24-48 hrs before deciding to admit/move you for further and longer treatment into general hospital wards.
As for me i had to endure the next 24 hrs of massive doses of combination I.V. antibiotics every 4hrly,plus anti-inflammatory drugs and constant supply of the life giving fluids they call Dextrose and blood test and constant checking of vital signs 2-3hrly.After 9 hours i can feel my body picking up again but my throat is still aching and swollen,they think the abscess (puss) and the infection was in a sort of enclosed wall (germs are getting smarter)protecting them from any form of oral antibiotics that is why the oral penicillin was not working and if the I.V.therapy does not work for me they will send me to another hospital specializing in E.N.T so they can excise the abscess and reduce the swelling in my throat.
But after 16 hrs of the same routine the God in heaven smiled at me! they asked me to gargle a mouth wash with anesthetics so i can have a drink and little soft solid foods for the first time in 4.5 days, i was into my 4th spoonfuls of soft food when i tasted something salty at first with some sort of aromatics coming from the back of my throat and in the back of my tongue i started vomiting from the horrible taste and smell into 2 plastic vomit container bag and i noticed this something reddish yellowish sticky fluids called "puss" somehow when i started to eat it somehow punctured the abscess wall on the tonsils and out came this "puss".Still puking from the taste of this horrible fluids no amount of mouth wash can get it off from your mouth and tongue.But things started to get better from here on the doctors were glad the abscess broke now all the antibiotics and other medications will do their jobs 100%.Alas and Behold on the 24th hours of stay i have my voice back at 50% and i can have oral fluids/foods a little at time and i noticed the swelling subsiding.With my attending lady physician and her senior medical superiors they decided to discharge me the same day and hopefully with a new set of oral medications,broad spectrum antibiotics(Augmentin Forte) cepacaine gargle before eating and panadeine forte all covered, before i left she gave me a letter to give to my regular doctor when i book for an appointment for my follow up treatments.
I was looking forward to see my regular doctor in 2 days time so i can tell him what his uncaring,arrogant ******d junior colleague of his done to me.Distress. pain and suffering and almost caused my life (I think I will SUE)

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