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Can you make sense of this! Bowels

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 10, 2007
  • 03:38 PM

I have seen two Doctors over the past three years because I had a change in bowel habits. I had a colonoscopy at that time which was recommended by my gynocologist.The Doctor who performed the test said I had IBS. My symptoms have gotten dramatically worse. Went again in May to the second Dr. but I still feel that no one is listening to me. The first Dr never examined me after the colonoscopy just gave me pills..Zelnorm.. some type of antibothic used to treat e-coli..align... I want to see if anyone can relate to the problem.....
I used to be severly constipated with very large bowel movements, which now I haven't had a dry, large movement in three years or more. I move my bowels every 1 to two weeks in violent painful episodes lasts 6-8 hours until I am completely empty. I sweat, cry from stomach pain and pass very long, thin, wet stools. I feel as if I'm passing a bowling ball but it's nothing more than a hot dog 3 feet at a time. I become sick, tired and lethargic. I'm now experiencing upper left side pain. I also feel like my rectum can't fully expand ( Dr checked and said my muscles were fine). I feel the spasms in my stomach which the Dr game me anti -spasmotic. Also tried Zelnorm, which gave me explosive movements. Will be going for 2 tests shorty.. 1) enemia with dye
2) swallow rings and exray.
I pray to God they will find out whats the matter with me.
My husband thinks I'm nuts.
I'm tired of being sick and missing work.
Is there anyone out there that understands this?

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  • ive read that one symptom of diverticulitis (spelling?) is left side pain and i believe it is diagnosed with a colonoscopy. did the e-coli clear up? ive taken pancreatic enzymes in the past to help with digestion and constipation per my Doctor and it helped - maybe thats something you can ask him/her about.
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  • Have you tried altering your diet? Don't drink coffee or soda, eat yogurt, especially "Activa", and drink lots of water. Take multivitamins with multiminerals that you can find at any store. Give it about 3 weeks to see if any changes occur. Your system may be too acidic and you need to get your ph balanced. Avoid fruit juices also and just eat fresh fruit or juice it yourself. Less sugar that way. Good luck! Think Healthy thoughts.Kim
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  • My sister has been diagnosed with extensive diverticulosis. She can't eat anything with seeds. No nuts, no fruits or vegies with seeds. They get into the pockets of the bowels which causes pain. It's helping her so far.
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    • September 9, 2007
    • 01:16 AM
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  • What you are describing sounds much the same as what I have been suffering from, and I have faced the same long uphill struggle. I regret that I have not managed to get to the solution yet, but I'm not going to give up. My first visit for treatment got me a dignosis of hemorrhoids and the same offhand treatment you received, so I relate very well to your situation. It didn't do anything to relieve the situation and I too feel lethargic, faint and without appetite. My pain has now located itself on the right side, though pain is possible anywhere along my digestive tract. I cannot sense any pain when I examine myself but I do detect a large firm mass on my upper right side which should not be there. Finally I have something I can use to get some attention, or so I thought. An urgent referral has been made for me to see a consultant, but as of this date I am still waiting.I am not leaping to any wild conclusions as to what this lump may be, as it could be one of many simple medical conditions, but the effect is crippling on your life. I feel no longer safe to drive and have only spent half of this year at work, and the only answer my employer has is that I am constipated. The discovery of the lump (by me !!). though not welcome, has at least enabled me to justify this, and hopefully get some treatment, which I hope will get to the bottom of what is wrong.In my case it has become clear that there is some blockage or obstruction which any food I eat is having to work its way past, and I can feel that even passing motions does not remove that blockage/obstruction. I hope that a simple scan will resolve the issue for me once and for all, and I wish you good luck with your condition.
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    • September 13, 2007
    • 03:55 PM
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  • I experienced much the same symptoms as you now have. I ended up having a volvulous (kinked bowel) which was life threatening, but not all are, as blood supply was cut off from part of my colon.Sometimes a cause of a kinked bowel is often a congenital condition called a redundant bowel, in that you have more than the normal amount of bowel and it loops back into itself, creating, like a water hose, I kink and making it hard to pass stool.In cases like this, fibre is not your friend. You need to try a very low fibre, low carb diet ( I ate only eggs, chicken white bread and rice for 6 weeks) an believe me it does help.Good luck. Let us know if you get a diagnosis.
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    • September 14, 2007
    • 06:56 PM
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  • Hi, You need to ask for a barrium x-ray. You sound like you have an obstruction. An obstruction of the intestines can be very dangerous. Demand more tests! If your stools are very dark (almost black) it means you are bleeding as well. With black stools the blood is from the upper part of your intestines or stomach. If it is red it is usually from the colon. Please do not let them brush it off and tell you this is IBS, until you have had every test that they have to offer. Good luck! Kiera
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    • September 18, 2007
    • 09:21 PM
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