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  • Posted By: suzanneduffield
  • March 3, 2008
  • 00:46 AM

Hi there, I am 39 and healthy. I live in Vermont now but have lived all over the world. I do yoga and exercise and eat whole grains and veggies and love my work and my family. Within the past few years, I have gotten on a very healthy supplement regime with New Chapter vitamins and the doctor says my blood tests are good. But, I have this weird thing happen to me sometimes when I am in warm, sunny places. It has happened anywhere from Cape Cod and Vermont to Namibia and Panama and I can't figure out rhyme nor reason to it. It has happened for the past eleven years. I have tried to track whether it is the water intake, but I always drink enough water, or if it is blood sugar, but I always eat regularly or heat exhaustion, but it doesn't have to be that warm and I don't have to be outside when it happens. The affliction usually starts in the afternoon or early evening. I feel not dizzy but more strange in the head, disassociated from my body, my pulse slows down, my body temperature goes down, my urine is very yellow, and I feel as though I am going to lose consciousness. I almost always vomit. In terms of my vision, it is very hard to track the object I am looking at. Every time I start to fall asleep, I have the sensation that I am fainting, or going unconscious. When I wake up, I feel as though I have been hit by a truck, my limbs and joints ache and the blood feels as though it has congealed and slowed way down in my veins, but I am almost always fine the next day. This has been happening on and off in warm climates or seasons for the past eleven years. I have no idea what this could be. I have been anemic off and on because of heavy periods, but I take iron supplements. I also had a few fainting spells as a kid. I don't know what this is, and I would really love to take care of it because it scares me when I am far from home. Thanks to anyone who might know... Suzanne

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  • One thing you may consider looking into is making sure your thyroid gland is not diseased and under autoimmune attack. I'm not sure how your symptoms could vary throughout the day, but hypothyroidism can lead to heavy periods, anemia, slowed pulse, dizziness/spaciness, tiredness, etc.I had normal hormone levels for years, but had attacks somewhat similar to yours. I later found out that I have highly elevated thyroid antibodies; and on ultrasound, my gland is full of tiny nodules from the autoimmune destruction. The whole time, I was reassured that my gland was healthy, because my TSH and other hormones were okay. It was pretty upsetting to find out that in fact my body was destroying my gland.Not sure if this will help or not, but I thought I'd throw it out there since it took me 8 years to figure out why I felt so ill.Best Wishes.
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  • The first thing I would do is start laughing after reading the ridiculous advice from someone who knows nothing (Blaze) and then ask her to spout her nonsense elsewhere (maybe a councelor of some sort can help)
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  • I'd begin with the thyroid and a good sugar test. You may be having petit mals or a heart thing. I think that should keep you busy for a little bit.
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