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can someone please help? i feel like i'm dying

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 30, 2010
  • 10:06 AM

i explained my symptoms in a thread a few days ago, and the most compelling answer i got was a b12 deficiency. it seems so impossible because my symptoms are so severe and they've seemingly gotten worse within a 6 month span

-Weird mucus (yellowish and clear in color) dripping down my throat at times
-Bad headaches
-Tender scalp
-Blurred vision
-Twitching all over my body (even in private areas)
-Achy joints (or achy muscles by those joints, not sure)
-So out of breath, I literally had to stop in my tracks and look like some insane person while i tried to catch my breath
-Cracking joints
-Burning sensation of the skin
-Sudden and brief bursts of heat in the back of my neck, shoulders, hands and feet
-Tingling in hands/feet
-Feels like popcorn popping/spasming of muscles
-Crawling sensation in the back of my neck
-On and off lisping
-Seizing of muscles in neck
-As of late I feel like either I can't hold my pee as well or I have to pee more
-Gas. Lots and lots of gas. My bowels just feel irritated. I can't stress this enough.
-Random low fevers...
-Difficulty swallowing (not swallowing food)
-Difficulty breathing again. I can't stress this enough. Recently went to the ER but they said my lungs were clear, even though at one point I felt completely light headed and as if my air passage was squeezing
-Random chills
-Difficulty sleeping
-Out of sorts sometimes/confused
-What feels like pinches or sometimes electricity???? in my back muscles
-Weight loss (due mainly to anxiety, but maybe something else)...
-Ringing in ears (this has been happening for YEARS)
-Pressure building up in ears followed by popping (and sometimes a clicking sound)

These symptoms have been so varied and different, but even as they started happening I knew they were all somehow related.

I was sure (and still kinda believe) that I was/am being plagued by a life threatening illness because of how generally unwell I've been feeling for the last 6 months. I complained to my GP about all of this, who humored me by giving me a neurology appt. I've been to the neuro, was said to be fine. I'm just waiting on MRI results and an EEG test in June (at my insistence, even though the neuro didn't think i needed one).

I do suffer from anxiety which has made this experience that much more difficult and mysterious. I also have Mitro Valve Prolapse.

Any help, or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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