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can't get help from doctors

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  • Posted By: blackbear
  • May 28, 2007
  • 07:18 PM

I have been searching through the threads on this site hoping to find some answers for myself since I am not satisfied with my doctors input.
I am 47 years young and have been in declining health for several years now. The closest I have come to a diagnosis on myself from my lengthy searches on the internet seems to be Cushings disease. Please can someone tell me if they think that is what I might have and what I need to go to the doctor with to make them understand me.
I have been diagnosed with fibro in 2003 in which they subscribed Skelaxin which doesn't work, MVP back in the mid 90's but no longer take meds for it, I guess I was cured. Within the past year they finally told me that I have hypothyroid, I take 75mg of Synthroid or the generic shall I say which my dr has upped the dosage to get here 3 times. This last test I never heard anything from the dr. She said that I should have lost weight by now and that is why she ups the med. I still have not lost any weight and I have been on 75 mg since January 07. I guess I should let you know what is going on with me and maybe someone can help.
My biggest concern is that my abdomen is bloated all the time, people think that I am pregnant. It makes breathing difficult. I hurt in the upper right quadrant which sometimes will take in the whole abdomen. I have a bulge that protrudes out sometimes in my upper right side. My bones aches so bad and seems to be getting worse. I am weak a lot, muscle spasms, joints in my knees and hips can be excrusiating at times. Pain in the shoulders and upper back which has just recently started. I have had a chronic pain in the middle of my back which started a few years ago when I woke up in the middle of the night with a feeling of something being slammed through my chest. ( I had tests run at the time with everything showing normal) sometimes the pain is worse than other times. Can't figure out what triggers the severity of it though. I get bad bad headaches at times which hurts from the top of my head and down to the base of the skull. On Aug.17th,2003 I had a reaction to something (beef) which going through the normal reaction crap I also had this pain in the base of my skull that was so bad that I wished I was dead. My husband called the ambulance and my blood pressure and pulse was so low they rushed me to the ER where they said I had went into anaphalactic shock. The put me on an IV for a couple of hours and sent me home. I know I am jumping around but I have to write it down as it pops in my head. Oh, I have forgetfulness, concentration problems, loss of interests, super low labido (which is hurting my marriage even though he says it is not, but I feel the strain). I have had duodenal ulcers in the late 80's, recently have gastritis and esophagitis, peptic ulcers, my gallbladder was taken out in Nov.06 which did not help any of my symptoms, has only added painful scars to my list. I also have IBS and take Colestid for it.
I have bulging discs in the lower back. I sleep on a heating pad every night.
I have had some kind of problems with my stomach since I was a teenager which makes me think there is a hormonal problem too. If something does not sit right on my stomach I make myself vomit so I can feel better. That is better that having a stomach ache until it decides to come out itself. Sometimes I vomit violently. No I am not bulemic(sp).
I have had colon polyps also and large internal hemroids that will bleed sometimes. My stools are of every shape, size and smell imaginable. (yuk)
My surgeries consist of 3 ovarian cystectomies, appendectomy, tubal ligation, hysterectomy, gallbladder removed, plus seveal scopes and probes on upper and lower intestines. They just cannot find what is making me so miserable.
I also have high blood pressure (inherited) I currently take 50 mg of Altenenlol twice a day and still have boughts of high blood pressure which I think is what causes the headaches. Heart problems and cancers run in my family. My father passed away with Mesothelioma (which much of what I am experiencing makes me feel like my Dad did for years) my health feels like a carbon copy of his.
I am just tired of feeling so tired all the time and being bloated. If the medicines that they give me would work then I would not be trying to self diagnose myself. Please does someone have some guidance for me.

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  • I'm sorry to say that i cant help you on this. after i read this i felt allot better about my AS ( In a way)......I will however pray for your well being and hope that the Lord will give the doc some knowledge to help you. Iv had AS for over 15 yrs and thank the lord my wife is still with me. I do pray that your husbands love for you will out last any thing you may have.
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  • How about looking at the problems in a different way by going to a different kind of doc. A natural health care doc ? I know some in different parts of the country, and can refer you if interested. Two major things: Do not, do not, do not sleep all night with a heating pad on your back all night. It will actually make your inflammation worse in that area. I have had patients (am a doc of chiropractic) get worse and stay worse that way. And with the gallbladder out you now cannot digest fats correctly. Most MDs seem blind on this and say you don't need it. Guess they forgot what they were taught in school - you can live without one, but fat digestion is very important. Supplement with bile salts to help the digestion.
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  • Hi, my name is Mike and I am 18 years old. I have had aching pains in my hands/wrists/forearms as well as uncontrolled mild shakes and constant involuntary finger movements when I outstretch my fingers. This has been going on for 2 years. I went to a doctor about carpel tunnel, and he said I dont have it, nor is there nerve damage. I think its from playing too many video games, but I was wondering if anyone could give me some answers.. Thanks, Mike
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  • Hi My name is Tamra...Your story sounds hauntingly scary to me...My mom has had many of the same problems you have had...Doctors in NEPA have said that she has Multiple Scelorosis...While Doctors in Philly say she doesnt have one sign of MS in her system but when you ask them what she does have they say they have no idea!!!..I am extremly frustrated. My mom is only 47 and shes already confined to a wheel chair with awful spasms in her legs...I find the oddity of the fact that my mom also had problems with her gallbladder..she had hers out right before she got sick....My mom has already had cervical cancer...she also had a tubal litigation...and of course her gall bladder removed....She also has trouble with her thyroid....she has low blood pressure and low blood sugar problems..I am afraid all the doctors are doing is medicating each of her symptoms instead of finding out what the real problem is!!!..HELP!!!!
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  • Hi Blackbear, I couldn't get much help from the docs either. You know, about 90% of your symtoms match up with mine including bloating (edema). I also had a whole lot more symtoms before I found the causes of my problems. Methylcobalamin and cofactors changed my life. I assume you have had a basic test such as a CBC. There could be some hints. What is your MCV?, MCH?, MPV? These are often anything but healthy even if "normal". What about homocysteine? MMA? Tell me about your other, seemingly unconnected or minor symtoms you may never have mentioned to a doc. How is your skin? Eczema or dandruff or anything of the sort? Do you have cracked lips or cracks or sores at the corners of your mouth?. How about peripheral neuropathies. I couldn't loose weight either despite the levothyroxin.
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