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Can anyone help me???

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 9, 2008
  • 11:48 AM

Hi, i am a 19 years old female and for the past year and a half i have had quite a few health problems. i have never been the healthiest person, even as a child. (I was born a month premature). It all started with mild stomach pains that gradually got worse. Then the pains got worse, i was felling sick and tired all the time. I got a laparoscopy to test for endometriosis (Cant spell very well!). This was due to the high level of it in the family. Both mum and grandmother had histerectomi very young because of it. This came back fine though. As time went on, the pain has got worse! I have had a barium enema and colonoscopy which came back fine also. Now doctors are stumped.... The pain is still getting worse, with severe abdominal swelling especially around the pelvic area and middle stomach. I am naturally petite (5ft tall and weigh 7 stones). If anyone could suggest anything it would really help, as this is starting to make me very unhappy and i am missing alot of college.

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  • Have you considered celiac disease? It's an inability to digest gluten. Celiacs usually experience a lot of gastrointestinal problems; there are dozens of symptoms related to celiac disease, because it affects your entire system. Symptoms can include fatigue, headache, achey bones, skin rashes, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, shortness of breath, etc. A blood test (celiac panel) will sometimes show elevated levels in 5 specific antibodies. (But the test is often negative) An endoscopy of your small intestine will usually show that the villae (the hairy-looking things that absorb nutrients for your body's use) are completely flattened. Celiacs who eat gluten are unable to absorb many nutrients and end up with osteoporosis, anemia, and various vitamin deficiencies. If you haven't been tested yet, it might be a good idea. It is very common in people who are descended from Northern Europeans - as high as 1 in 150 people are celiacs! (Highest incidences are in Scandinavians, Italians and Scots)If you want to try something on your own, stop eating gluten completely for three weeks. It takes two full weeks to get out of your system. Gluten is found in wheat, rye and barley - anything that lists flour, malt, modified food starch, semolina, or spelt as ingredients contains gluten. (This is not a complete list) Corn, rice and buckwheat are safe, although you should avoid oats during your experiment as there is a cross-reaction (oats contain a protein that is very similar to gluten and your body may react to that as well). You may also want to avoid dairy (milk and cheese products), during the experiment because damaged intestines have difficulty digesting it. This is really hard to do, but it's worth it!If you find that at the end of three weeks you're feeling better, you may have a gluten intolerance. At that point you want to test your theory by eating a small amount of gluten. If your symptoms come back or increase within three days, you are probably a celiac. (I have a reaction within an hour if I eat the equivalent of a piece of bread. I react 24-48 hours later if I eat one tiny bite of something.)I hope you and your doctors figure it out soon.
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