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BXO.... my story

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  • Posted By: ckampo
  • January 9, 2013
  • 11:07 PM

I was diagnosed with BXO... and this is my story.. there isnt much info out there on this treatment because it usually happen to western Latin, Baltic or european ansestory.. like people from greece, hungary, poland, that neck of the woods.. it happened to me once before when I was young and it did go away, but four years ago it came back with a vengence. Most men from these parts of the world are not circumsised, so the fore skin of the ***** of an uncircumsised male is where it hits. the tip of the fore skin begins to tighten, it starts to become discolered or turns white, like that skin is dying.. when i had it before after apx. 90 days it went away. this time it did not, it begin to slowly spread down the fore skin in towards the body, after 3 months i could no longer have sexual intercourse because it hurt to get an errection, what happens is the fore skin begins to shrink and tighten so having an errection would allow the head of the ***** squeeze through which sometimes would cut the ends of the foreskin which is very painful, plus most uncircumsised men usually pull it back to urinate as well, It was not going away, I waited for almost 10 months to see a urologist.. its not something most men volunteer to do is someone to handle their *****.. i tried everything from vitamin 2 to aloe, nothing worked and as time went on it just got worse, now I trained my brain not to ever get an errection, but i was also having problems urinating as well.. So I finally broke down and went to the urologist.. not only was it affecting my personal life, it was destroying my marriage not being able to have sexual relations with my wife.. The uroligist called it BXO.. never heard of it and couldnt find any info about it as well.. he said the only cure was to be circumsised... whewww I am in my mid 40's and need to get circumsised... I did the procedure.. it was horribly painful, the uroligist did a great job but after the procedure, i couldnt even wear pants for the first 2 weeks, I sat at home with no pants on for 2 weeks, over 60 stitches around your whole ***** is very painful, and please dont watch or do anything sexual and get an errection and rip out the stitches.. It took alot of getting use to it.. it was like my protection to the head of my ***** was gone, the head of the ***** use to be purple and lots of feeling, to now white and harder.. the worse part was I still couldnt keep and errection after recovery.. when the fore skin of the ***** is cut all the way around, there are two main arteries one on the top and one on the bottom, so I would get an errection, but would lose it almost immediately, they called this a phatom or ghost errection where the blood felt like it stuck to keep and errection, I still have problems to this day, the thing that worries me the most is that it can come back. since now I am circumsised it would come back to the head of the ***** and could also lead to other sexual malfunctions, like erectile disfuntions, premature ejaculations, and can get into the prostate. This is an ongoing story, I still am not functioning normally, but there is so little information its just a sit wait I guess.. it cost me my marriage and everything i owned in the divorce because i just had no interest in sex anymore.. its been frustrating, even if i wanted to sometimes it just wont keep an errection, Ive tried the pills, too many side effects, and too expensive..I am posting this so that maybe someone else who has this issue may be able to at least read a little about it. I had no choice but to go through with the circumsission but it definitly was not the total answer... I'll post more as I find out myself.. thanks for reading

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