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Bone problems due to vit. D deficiency

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  • Posted By: lintek
  • August 14, 2008
  • 01:36 PM

My medical story began 2 yrs ago. I missed alot of work due to not feeling well when waking up in the mornings and leaving work early because I thought I'd drop from exhaustion even though I didn't do anything strenous.
I couldn't do anything strenous anymore because of pain that I was getting.
I was coming to the health boards here trying to do some research on what it possibly could be. everyone was pointing me into the direction of having fibromyalgia.
My family dr. was probably sick and tired of seeing me every month with new aches and pains. but he couldn't find out what was wrong.
it got to the point where I couldnt' even hold an arm full of clothes that I wanted to try on a dept. store without suffering the next 2 days in horrible muscular pain. Even my scalp would hurt. Then the back started. horrible pain at night. It would wake me up in the middle of the night.
I felt so stiff that if I moved over with out pulling myself by the sheets to flip onto my side, I would break. it felt like my lower spine would get stuck in that position permantly. I can't stand for long periods of time either like cooking for a family feast such as on the holidays.
It wasn't from being over weight, like doc's say to lose some pounds so it's not ******n your joints, because I weighted in at 110 lbs. at 5'7" tall.
I lost alot of un-intentional weight loss.
I went to a slew of doctors and was getting sick and tired of the medical world.
FINALLY my family dr. referred me to a rheumatologist last year and he dx'd me with fibromyalgia. when I went back for a follow up to see if the medication was working, I told him I was getting worst. Even my boss was concerned and my co-workers. All they did was take one look at me and knew that I needed to go home and get into bed.
I couldn't even walk up a little incline of a hill at my job at lunch time and forget about the stairs in the mornings.
then my neck started hurting as if it was going to get stuck into a position like it felt like my spine did at night. I could barely turn my neck without suffering in agony to see if on coming traffic was coming when driving.
that's when I knew it was more than just fibro.

When my rheumy dr. saw that I was still suffering while on treatment for the fibro, he asked me if i was ever tested for a vitamin D deficiency.
My answer to his question was "NO".
My level came back at 19, which my dr. says that he likes to see a patient at 100. The reference ranges according to the labs should be between 20-100 ng/ml.
He prescribed a high dose of vitamin D and before I knew it, gradually my aches and pains were beginning to vanish. The very painful ones at least.

Our skin produces D when the sun rays hit our skin. It's ok to go into the sun without sun block for 15 minutes a day. because back in the 70's when the scare of skin cancer started to rise they started using sun blocker. Since that time, there's been an increase of this deficiency.
The damaging rays that go deep into the skin is blocked by the sunblock, but the good rays that's needed to produce the "D" is also blocked. therefore causing the depletion of it.

Scientists are studying it as I'm writing this. More doctors are becoming aware of it as well. I never thought I'd have a vitamin deficiency because I eat well, take care of my body and I even go into the sunshine. I even had my parathyroid gland checked out which came back normal.
My rheumy dr said we couldnt' possibly eat enough of it to get the amount that is needed to produce it.
They did a study on groups of woman with breast cancer and they found out the ones with cancer had D deficiency. They think it may be linked, plus other diseases such as colon cancer and other diseases.

Dont' quote me word by word, because my "brain fog" memory read this information about a week ago. that's another huge problem I was having. My memory. I really felt that I was at the beginning of alzheimers or dementia. I couldnt' even recall what I read a minute before. I couldn't recall things that are present, but the past memory is good. things that happened when I was little. I was also forgetting how to spell words that I learned in grade school and I was flipping my letters. I couldn't even carry on a social conversation anymore because of my constant stopping in mid sentances to recall words that I could not for the life of me remember words. I would just listen to my coworkers talk and not get involved.
I was frightened. someome said probably because the more I think of it, the worst I'd become, which is not true. let them go thru what I was goign thru and they'd see it wasn't so.

Not only do I have fibro, but they also found out over a year ago that I have full blown osteoporosis, not just the beginning of it, it's in my spine, my hips and dont' know about my wrists because they hadn't ck'd it.
They also found out I have degenerative joint disease (Osteoarthritis) in my spine, my hip and it's in my thumbs, my feet, and wrists. sometimes I can't even hold a heavy pan or open certain bottles or jars because of the pain.

I dont' feel like I'm 48. I feel like I'm actually in my 80's. Even my mother in law who's age 80 has more energy than I do and does far more physically than I do. she STILL works a 40 hr. work week.
I ask myself what on earth am I going to feel like in another ten years or more if I dont' do something about it NOW?

After I found out about this diagnosis of mine, I felt it was my responsibility to share or spread the word to others who are suffering with similar symptoms so they too can be made aware.

the test is called a Vitamin D,25-OH

I also found out that treatment should only consist of the capsule form, not tablets of vitamin D3, NOT vit. D2.
there's a big difference. that's why my first levels went up fast, but the 2nd time around they didn't.
D3 is a natural form of the D, and the D2 is a synthetic form.

Levels of less than 20 indicative of vitamin D deficiency while levels of D between 20 and 30 suggest insufficiency. Optimal levels are greater than 30 and best at 100.

I believe my levels have been low for a long time and feel it is a cause of my osteoarthritis, my fibromyalgia and the osteoporosis.
they might not be the actual cause, but it could've made it worst.

I became so excited about post that the nurse wrote about the vitamin B12 deficiency and decided to share my medical story with you all too.

I wish us all good health.


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  • This is all VERY correct information! Glad you got to the bottom of it... Kiera
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • August 15, 2008
    • 07:17 AM
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  • My rheumytologoist told me last week that the results of my lab report for the hyperparthyroid was negative. I had to call her to remind her that I had the test peformed back on July 9th.I called her to see if she ever recieved it. she hadn't. she asked me where I had the test performed, which she then called them for it and then she called me with the answer.I went this past thurs. for a follow up visit with her and asked her if we should order a calcium level and she said "Yes"..... but we wound up forgetting to do it because we were so busy talking about other things and I was in a rush to leave for another apptn. I had in 30 minutes. she took me in late which only left me a time space of 10 min. to talk and go over things.anyway, I asked her for a copy of the test. she said it was my vit. D level and that it was at 52 which was slightly over. I commented to her that I thought it was odd they automatically ran a vitamin D level when all they were supposed to do was PTH level. she didn't hear me.she specifically told me this was the vitamin D level performed.I know I'm not going nuts because she also left that on my answering machine. she must be over stressed.I went into my pocket book yesterday to clean it out and came upon the lab result for the PTH that she had given me for my records, me thinking it was the Vit. D report. I saw it was the PTH instead.I read it and it said, result of PTH, 52, there was a mark that said "H", for "HIGH". under reference range, it said, 15-50.under all this stuff I just wrote, it said anything above >50 is highly suggestive of primary hyperparathyroid! I was shocked. she told me the level was ok.. Now I'm reading it's HIGH???is this doctor with it? what on earth is wrong with her?I have been HAVING all these bone problems which are only getting WORST!!!! I woke up this morning feeling like a 500 lb instrument hit my upper thigh! I had to take my pain medication upon rising. THIS new pain in my uuper thigh is a result from having to bend down in the lower isles at a pharmacy yesterday shopping for hair products. I can't even do the most minimal of things anymore without suffering for it. I was ready to cry this morning in frustration. I NEED to get my calcium level done. I have all the symptoms of hyperparathyroid and hypercalcemia and I'm sitting back frustrated in miserable pain not knowing why my body is getting worst as the weeks and months go by.all this can be alleviated by just checking my darn calcium level.if calcium is low in the bones, the parathyroid makes higher levels to compensate for the loss of calcium, therefore making more calcium which makes a a person feel horrible. No wonder I was losing my memory and my hair, and all my moans, groans, muscle and bone pain.IF I dont' have one of these things OR both, then I guess I'm just losing bone loss and joint loss for no reason. it's ridiculous.all the typical things of having parathryoid are osteoporosis, vitamin D defieciency, which would explain why after being put on treatment that it always goes back down once stopped. but she doesn't seem to know what she's doing?I guess I should be going to an endocronologist instead? being the parathyroid glands are part of the endocrine system?I"m so confused and really aggitated at this point. I really like this new woman dr who's my rheumy dr. for my fibromyalgia and my bone disorders so I guess I should be more understanding of her as to why she could make a mistake like this? the calcium level should've been performed when I had the D level tested. all this goes hand in hand I've just learned. It's amazing once you start doing research on one problem and then find out the others thing are directly effected by it.oh well, I guess I just had to get this off my chest this morning, being I just found out all this yesterday in the early evening. I left a msg on her machine knowing she won't be able to return my call till she gets back in the office on monday. It's not like it's a life or death situation. I just want to make sure I'm not going nuts here with the info on this lab result. L.
    lintek 26 Replies
    • August 16, 2008
    • 03:49 PM
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