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blood results

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  • Posted By: chica69
  • May 12, 2007
  • 05:01 PM


can anyone tell me what this means

CRP...0.73mg/dl ...normal range 0.01-0.5

ferritin ...8.0 ng/ml....normal range 15-150

Alpha 1 acid glycoprotein ....126 mg/dl...normal range 50-120

hemoglobin...12 g/dl normal range 12-16

Many Thanks

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  • Chica What does your DR say about the results? CRP - this is your cardio risk. To lower it I believe it's the same as high colestoral - eat right, quit smoking, excercise, etc...ferritin - low iron, can be due to diet, menstration, etc.. I do not know about the rest.
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  • Ok Here is the full scoop on Lab tests. You really should ask your doctor what he is looking for and what diagnosis is he trying to rule out. But I am a ASCP certified MLT it is my job to know what these tests look for. I will in no way try to diagnose your illenss, I will simply tell you what he tests do.Hemoglobin- mesures the amount of oxygen carrying blood cells in your body. this is a general test usually used in a CBC (complete blood count) to determine anemia.Ferritin- is iron storage in the blood cells. Low Ferritin can be indicative of thyroid disease, restless leg syndrome and other inflammatory diseasesAlpha 1 acid glycoprotein - is a plasma protien. Increased levels are indicative of inflammationAll of these tests are pretty general, non specific to any one illness. they all do help to diagnose inflammatory diseases such as Rhuematoid Arthritis or infection. Such results can be affected by an injury. So to tell you what your results mean to you is not possible without knowing more medical history. I hope this info is helpful and if you have anymore lab questions i'd be more than happy to share the knowledge.Good luck
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  • hi many thanks for your feed back To be honest...It all started out about 2 yrs ago with abnormal menstral bleeding. Many blood tests over the last few months have led to the results that I have posted on here the other day. I have been diagnosed with Candida from the GYN along with left ovarian Cyst ( after a few months on the pill, the cyst has dissapeared, new tests have shown a some small fibroids, but nothing to worry about said doc) Colonoscopy came back clear, but the blood tests I posted obove was taken recently from the digestive dept at the hospital. ( when the doctor finished the colonoscopy she told me that she thought my symptoms were stress related and IBS was mentioned ). I have suffered from IBS for over 20yrs, but the symptoms that I have now seem different. Diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pains......they are not as severe as the were a few months ago. When I pointed out to my own GP today the results that I posted that were out of range....he told me that everything was fine, its just IBS or Colic something or other ( cant remeber the name as I live in Spain and it was all in Spanish). I think they were trying to rule out celiac Disease. These results were negative. Any ideas if there is any connection to IBS with these results or could it possibly be something else. i am also on Xanax 1mg x 3 per day for anxiety and lexapro 1 x 10mg each morning for depression. GP has also given me Spasmoctyl 40 ( Spanish) to take as and when I have a flare up and to control the diarrhea. hope all makes sence as I am terrible at writing e-mails. Take care Chica xxxx
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