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Basal Ganglia Calcification

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  • Posted By: ladyd143
  • February 18, 2009
  • 05:19 PM

Sorry that I posted this in wrong diagnosis thread also.I did not mean to do so.Over the years I have endured joint pain,back pain,neck pain,muscle pain,migraine headaches,insomnia... in my younger years I dealt with it the best I could.I learned
how to pace myself and pushed on.The past 5 years have been rough.I have struggled with health care providers to get answers.I spent nearly two years with out even a x-ray being taken of my back and neck.My diagnosis has changed a few times.Sometimes I became frustrated and would just not go in for care.I once again paced myself and pushed on.I then became unable to work.I once again went back in for help.When x-rays were finally taken they found disc degeneration in upper and lower lumbar.Also degeneration of one of vertebra in my neck.I was treated with cortisone followed with medications & Physical therapy.With only short term relief.I was getting worse.I developed pain in other parts of my body.Two years ago I decided to obtain my medical records in order to go over them myself.I understand that when a person goes in for treatment your health care provider only has a small time slot in which to diagnose.Rarely do they go over your medical history.In my records I found that my issues have been pretty much the same for most my adult life.Yet there was this one radiologist report that I found from when I was 23 years old.I was being treated for migraine headaches.In the report it was stated that I have a Basal ganglia calcification in my brain.The radiologist gave a
clear statement of his findings.Probable causes and so on.I decided to research basal ganglia calcification.What I found was in my opinion possibly the root to many of the health issues I have been experiencing threw the years.As I said before over the years I have developed multiple issues over the years.In 1994 I was struggling emotionally.I had many personal setbacks which I attributed it to.Yet I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.I was prescribed medications, which I did not feel helped.The side effects added to my health issues.All to many times I felt as if I was being judged based on the personality traits of Bipolar disorder.Such as ""some"" people who suffer from this disorder tend to be attention seeking.All to often I would go to clinic seeking care for my health issues and the subject would always end up with am I taking my Bipolar medications.In researching Basal ganglia calcification I found what in my opinion is not just coincidence.In the radiologist report he stated that Basal ganglia calcification may be due to a rare genetic mutation.Which it so happens that my first born child has a rare genetic disorder called 'craniofacial dysostosis" and his child was also born with this disorder.Which is caused by genetic mutation.My son has been treated by specialist for this disorder.So in putting all this in perspective I felt that I may just be on the right track.I found
information about dystonia in a overview of complications caused byBasal ganglia calcification .I then felt that I would put together the information I had found.Present it to my Doctor. I hoped that he could give me his professional opinion.He made me a then directed me to a Nero Psychologist, After a 6 hours of physiological testing, I was told that the Basal ganglia calcification was no more than a ""REDHERRING"" I read his report and he made false statements.He also told me that my health issues were due to stress and my Bipolar disorder.So here I am
I know no more about what is wrong with me than I did when I started.I can only read information I found online.I can not make a medical diagnosis.I need a doctor to do so.

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