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Barley 19, yet feel ancient...

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  • Posted By: SuperSimoholic
  • July 26, 2011
  • 01:41 AM

As the title says, I've pretty much just turned 19 (this month, in fact) but for at least the past 2 years, I've been suffering the following:

- Headaches from mild to severe, at LEAST every couple of weeks, luckily the severe ones are only every few months.

- Constant Backache due to my large breasts (36J in UK, 36M in US) which have caused my spine to curve. Doctor sent me to the Gym a few months ago, but that only made it worse. Before I could avoid the ache with minimal movment, but now even sitting hurts it. The only time I have relief is if I've spent a few days in bed, so that my spine has time to rest. The smallest bit of labour (like changing sheets on the bed) leaves me in agony and near tears.

- Joint Pains all over my body. Mainly my fingers, wrists, knees, hips & sometimes I get a stiff neck, but that's been mostly recently. When the weather changes, or my Nan puts the heating on while I'm asleep, my fingers become hard to move, like they are swollen, but they don't actually swell. My knees get a horrible sharp pain every so often, it feels like someone is stabbing something under my kneecap, but it only lasts about 20 seconds, and then it's weak, like it will give in if I put weight on it.
My hip joints hurt during sex. A few mins in, it feels like my leg is going to pop out of the socket, a weird pressure/pain, and it gets worse and worse, until I have to stop - It doesn't matter what position we are in.

- Extreme Fatigue all the time. I'm always tired, no matter how much, or how little I sleep. This along with my back pain, makes the simplest of house hold chores a painful challenge. People say "maybe you are tired because you don't do anything!" but they don't understand that it physically and mentally hurts.

- Anxiety & Depression has been the biggest problem, even over my back pain. Sad is pretty much my default emotion now. I can be happy, but if there is nothing keeping me happy I just go straight back to being sad... A middle ground is rare and confusing when it happens. Even being happy makes me slightly sad, as when I laugh, tears start forming and then I realize... I don't even know what I realize, but things just change... I don't know how to explain.
I get angry so easily, and my poor partner... He's so perfect. He never takes what I say in anger to heart, he says he knows it's not him and he just wants to make me happy. Which is why I feel so guilty when I wish I'd never woken up, ever. I sometimes wish I was dead, not suicide, I don't feel like I want to kill myself, but instead wish that I just wasn't here anymore. I don't want to leave my partner or family but I can't stand feeling like this all the time either.
And thats all just the depression (I've had it since I was 13) but the anxiety has just as much impact on what should be my every day life.
I get so worried to leave my house, I feel like someone, anyone, will hurt me, or try to, and no one will help me. I feel dizzy and numb when I'm walking down the street, and everything looks and sounds further away, yet closer at the same time (if that makes sense) and I feel sick when I get home. I get a horrible, hurtful sinking feeling that makes me want to cry at the mere thought of leaving the house. I don't feel safe.
Also, at night, I'm terrified that someone will try to break into our house, and beat/rape/murder me and my family. If I hear the slightest "off" noise I freak out, I can't help it... If my partner isn't here, I'll wake my Nan up to come downstairs with me - I know how pathetic that is, but I feel genuine fear for my safety at those points!

- Selective Eating Disorder (SED)... This one is a little harder to explain, most people just think I'm fussy... Basically, it's like OCD but with food... Certain smells, textures, or looks of food make me physically gag when I try to eat them. I may even like the way it tastes, but if the texture is off, then my body reacts and I physically can't swallow it, for the risk of throwing up or freaking out and crying. I will also go through phases where I will eat 1 thing for months on end and then go off of it and find something else.
This affects my health a lot, as I basically live on noodles, cereals and bread&butter sandwiches. I used to eat a lot of crisps too, to fill in the gaps, but not any more.

- Mild OCD, I say mild, because although I'm very particular and get easily discomforted if things aren't "right" it doesn't really impact my life, because I've just learned to live with the quarks, and it's the only way I know how to live. Examples - If things don't smell clean, they aren'y clean, if things feel greasy they aren't clean, if things aren't spotless, then they aren't clean. Keep in mind, the things I smell, and the grease I feel on these things are usually not shared, as in, no one else can smell/feel it... But I know it's there and I can't wear/eat off those things. Clothes have to be washed every so often weather they are worn or not, because they get greasy... greasy things make me cry. Specially if the feeling gets on the palms of my hands, i freak out, I only touch things with my finger tips, unless i need to use my whole hand.

- Breast pain, as I mentioned before, I have stupidly large breasts (natural, not implants, why any woman would do this to themselves I don't know!) and they frequently cause me discomfort. A lot more recently though, they've both been getting very sore, and tender and achy. The whole insides of my breasts. But when they are not sore, the nipples are ALWAYS sore, and have been for a few months now. I'm not pregnant, did a test today because I've also been getting light headed and feeling sick just above my stomach.

So, I'm pretty sure that's all the main things. There's more to each problem than I've written, but I'll answer questions if you want more specifics.

I have been to my doctor, but like I said, leaving the house is a big deal for me, so I rarely go. Last time I went was before chrismas, I was going to tell him all these problems, he said he only had time for 2, so I targeted my back and my depression as the main ones, and he sent me to the gym for my back, which only made it worse, and said he was going to contact the adult mental health people for my depression, and that I'd get a letter... Still havn't heard anything for that :/ I even asked him about it a few weeks later on the phone and he said that he'd contacted them and I'd get the letter soon... I've not been since, because I feel like they will think I'm a hypochondriac.

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  • HiLet's assume that you have birth day before 23 of July.Here is my brief diagnostics for you:(give you short description of possible diseases because I have no time to write more detailed)1) Brain- inflammation process, too much blood in your brain, encephalitis,hypo/hypertension (headaches) 2) Some heart & vascular problems plus possible problems with spinal cord and peripheral nervous system (peripheral pains)3) Duodenum, small intestine, large intestine- duodenitis, chronic inflammation4) Stomach- acute gastritis in worst case or may be "light" gastritis5) Pancreas- pancreatitis, dystrophy- high glucose level in the blood (fatigue)- problem with "fat" tissues (breasts)6) Liver- hepatitis7) Gallbladder- stones, cholecystitis8) Urogenital system- problems with your kidneys, urinary bladder(cystitis, nephritis, stones, etc.)- some gynecological problems 9) Spinal column- herniated discs, disc protrusions, sciatica (back pain)Can be checked by MRI.Most of the symptoms you described (including emotional ones like "I get angry so easily" "I get so worried" "I'm terrified") are connected with listed diseases and after the treatment will be eliminated.
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  • I personally think you have more then one thing going on causing your symptoms or making them worst. If you have back pain all the time it makes sense that you are feeling fatigued as that would mean your sleep is being affected due to pain and discomfort. Headaches can be caused by ones back and neck being out (hence stiff neck at times also if ones back is out somewhere.. the upper back or neck may go out too to compensate). Something a chiropractor may be able to help you with so I strongly suggest to try one. Your body pains .. I wonder if a lack of vitamin D may be giving you more pains. You said you are scared to go out.. so I suspect you also are vitamin D deficient and that can give aches and pains. Get your vitamin D tested and get it back up to a good range. Your body/joint pains may also be fibromyalgia. Many fibromyalgia suffers find the weather changes affect them. Knees, hip and around neck are fibro. trigger points. Check out the little diagram http://arthritis.about.com/b/2005/07/20/fibromyalgia-trigger-points.htm Your depression is an issue and should be treated, I suggest to find a better doctor as your current doctor is a bad doctor......... So what you need is a - good chiropractor to help your back and neck (re help the headaches)- a better doctor (to treat the depression and the vit D deficiency I think you also may have). Fibromyalgia drugs "may" be of help if treating the depression dont help the pain. I live in Australia so dont understand the breast measurements you gave, but if very big surgery maybe should be considered........... Some of what you said are traits of Asperger's .. from what you said you may possibly have "black and white' thinking. eg " if things aren't spotless, then they aren't clean" (of cause it may be just being fussy but you may want to further consider if you go about your life thinking about things in a "black and white" kind of way.. all or nothing kind of approach.Selective kind of eatting also can be an Asperger's feature. Asperger's people may be quite particular about colours of food or textures. The way you described your eatting issue made me think of some I know with Aspergers."greasy things make me cry" .. a response like that to a texture is an Asperger's kind of reaction.(Depression is more common in Asperger's then in normal brain wired peoples).Im not saying you have Asperger's but do consider if you have more Asperger's traits going on. Irrational fears can go with Aspergers re fear of leaving the house.. anxiety is extremely common with Aspergers. People with Asperger's dwell on situations... always thinking, thinking...Sleep issues are common with Asperger's.Note.. Asperger's is far more commonly missed in females as females seem to manage to blend in life and with others better then males do. Please check into Asperger's to see if you have this or not. (being aware of it if you have it can help you to understand yourself better and make it easier for others to understand "odd' traits you have). note: most doctors dont have a clue when it comes to diagnosing people with Aspergers, it is an area you would need to see someone who specialises in it for. If you have any questions in regards to Asperger's feel free to ask me as I have Aspergers myself and have other Aspergers members in my family. Aspergers people often have a normal IQ or may be higher IQ then the average. A good website to learn more is www.wrongplanet.net
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  • Thank you both for your replies.taniaaust1, your post was most interesting, because my aunt who has Fibromyalgia always tells me that I should get tested for it, because my pains sound like hers.Also the part about Asperger's Syndrome. A couple of months ago a distant family member was diagnosed with autism, and their Nan called my Nan (they are sisters) to tell them about it, and they started talking about me, and comparing my "quarks" with the things that got my cousin his diagnosis.The more I read the more it makes sense.I'm going to mention both these things at my next doctors appointment, once I've changed doctors. The might look at me a bit weird but hopefully they'll be understanding and actually listen to me.
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