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Auto-Immune Ezcema

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  • Posted By: buttercm
  • June 29, 2009
  • 03:14 PM

I have no history of allergies or ezcema. 14 months ago I smacked my self with a car door in the cheek. It was an abrasion. This abrasion didn't heal. It grew and started pussing. The area was about an inch around and would crust over. I would itch it incessantly at night. The CP said it was contact dermatitis. He gave me some steroids and antibiotics to clear it up. It didn't not clear up. The rash started spreading to the rest of my cheek and my ear. I was getting ready to be married at this time. I was also given a course of anti-inflammatories, prednisone like. Everything went away. 2 weeks after the anti-inflammatories the rash re-appeared.
1st Dermatologist...He diagnosed it as contact dermatitis as well. He recommended I take a patch test. He said I could shower with it.) Negative results, but still gave me steroids. A little coverup during the wedding ceremony and I look like new. I was in and out of this guys office in 15 minutes every time with few to no questions asked. I needed someone to ask me questions.
1st allergist…Didn’t do much…went in for 1 appointment. Skin tested me for tree nuts, because of my use of cetaphil soap. Negative. My wife’s sister has celiac disease. So my mother in - law insisted I get tested for that..negative. Additional “normal” blood testing revealed no anomalies.
2nd dermatologist… He initially diagnosed contact dermatitis. They recommended a biopsy to rule out other diseases. The biopsy returned contact dermatitis. This guy didn’t trust the other guys patch results so new patch test and results! (I didn't shower) I'm allergic to parabens and cobolts. The wife and I scoured the whole apartment. Everything went out the door or into a box of death. After another 2 weeks of real prednisone everything went away...everything came back...now moving to back of arms, wrist, cheek and eyes. He pretty much shrugged his shoulders and said here’s a giant tub of steroids, and protopic…go crazy.
In the mean time my wife and I buy a new house and move out of the apartment. Just to add to the environment differences.
2nd allergist…I went in on a “bad” face day. My entire face was crusted over, and at this point my eyelids were swelling. She freaked and wanted me to see her special dermatologist that day. I have an HMO so needless to say a week later I was over at dermatologist #3. She also recommended a sweeping set of blood work, HIV, hepatitis, herpes, anything autoimmune really. …all negative.
3rd Dermatologist…more of the same…contact dermatitis...She did do a swab of the area with a viral and bacterial culture. The bacterial culture returned with Staph. I was put on antibiotics and another long round of prednisone. The course was 4 weeks, by the 3rd week the rashes started to come back.
I had been able to control the breakouts to a point now with diet. Staying off of all soy products have kept me looking sort of normal. At one point I was down to 2 scabs on my cheek.
2nd allergist…round 2… Maybe I have a food allergy. Skin test for milk, seafood, soy, peanuts, dogs. Everything negative…allergist says maybe I have a food intolerance which is completely non diagnosable other than by me.

This is where I stand. I’m using protopic/light steroids/eucerin to control my breakouts. I’m trying to go soy free for 2 weeks. Right now I’m staying on the level. I have a scab on my cheek and on the tip of my nose. I’m rubbing them into my pillow at night. My ear looks like a battle zone will all of the scabs. My eyes have dark circles because I rub them, but no swelling. My elbos and back of my calves have small circular scabs which are itchy.

I live in the Washington DC area so any doctor referrels 'are welcome.

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