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Auto Immune?

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  • May 2, 2007
  • 02:11 PM

About 2 years ago I over night I went from perfect B/P to extremely hypertensive. After tons of tests, underlying reason was "anxiety/depression disorder", I now take meds for B/P and for anxiety/depression. This it seems was the beginning of a long journey. Some months later I became pregnant and was immediately diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, now adding Insulin to my drug regiment. I had a seemingly normal pregnancy with exception of the GD and Anemia, I had a 9lb baby. After taking him home, I began having severe headaches for over a week, my face and hands started swelling and I was exhausted. I chalked it up to the new baby stress, my advanced maternal age of 37 and exhaustion, a few days later my headache was so bad I went to the Urgent Care Clinic, in hope for some medication and a long needed help getting sleep. They immediately sent me to the ER for a CT scan as narcotics were not helping hte pain. In the ER they did 3 CT scans, including with contrast showing swelling in the brain and white matter lesions. They also discovered a B/P of 200/160 and rising with protein in my urine. The OB on call was sent down and said Iwas suffering from "Eclampsia" although rare, after the fact. I was admitted placed on numerous medications including Magnesium to ensure no seizures would ocur. About 3 days later I was relesed with a B/P in the 170/110 area and followed up with my doctor for treatment. While in the ER I was seen by OB's who did not agree on the "Eclampsia" diagnoses, some said "HELP" syndrome, Anemia and others "simply just couldn't say". I saw a neurologist of said it was "migranes" and someone else who said I was diabetic. Needless to say I was happy to be back at by doctor for treatment.
Over the course of the next year we were able to get my B/P back in order, and every few weeks somthing new would happen. First I began having headaches again and began sweating all the time (alot). I also started having problems with my balance, gripping and often dropping things. I went to a Neurologist she said it sounded like Carpel Tunnel, I had a test ran on my nerves, can't remember the name but the put needles in me and shocked the nerves. Everything was normal, another mystery. As in the past I learned to deal with it and move on. After pregnancy due to the B/P issue I lost 60lbs in 2 months. In a matter of a few months I began to pack on weight like crazy at over 230lbs. I was now having labs with showing I now have high triglicerides, high cholestrol, high AC1, making me now "diet control Diebetes", Anemia (still) and some other small issues. Now taking meds for B/P, anxiety/depressions, cholestrol and anemia.
A few months passed and nothing "new had occured", I must be just getting old. In October I began having sever pain in both my wrists, they were swollen, red, painful to touch, decrease in flexability and use. Then I was unable to sleep due to the pain or even move them. I began having a rash on my chest, face, head, neck, arms and growing. I started developing painful sores in my mouth and nose. I had to go to the ER one night due to pain. I was told it sounded like Lymes or the beginning of an Auto Immune Disease. I was given pain meds, steroids and antibiotic. All tests came back negative except a increase in White blood count and a sed rate that was seriously elevated. I was sent home and followed up with my doctor who said to see what happened with current regiment. I was in and out of the ER in 4 weeks about 9 times with severe swelling, decreased mobility in wrists, elbows, fingers, ankles, knees, jaw, shoulders and all over muscle aches and spasms.
I was sent to a Rheumatologist with a diagnoses of Lymes Disease and a case of "Reactive Arthritis" and he began my treatment. THere were days I couldn't walk, pick up my new baby, open doors, get dressed or sorry to say even "wipe in the rest room". My mobility went to zero on some days and the exhaustion itsef was enough to keep you down. After treatment was unsuccesful for "Reactive Arthritis", I was diagnosed with Rhematoid Arthritis". I have had injections, fluid drawn from my knees, apin meds, steroids, anti inflammatories and DM medication called "Methotrxate". Over a course of a few months my symptoms have become mild and are considered to be going into "remission". Yet each day I seem to have new and unrelated symptoms, I am afraid we are missing something. I still sweat all the time and at night, I have problems sleeping, I am moody always, I can't remember my childrens names sometimes, the easiest words escape me and I can literally take a minute to say a word I am trying to get out. I spend over $500 a month of presriptions, I am at the doctor all the time for follow up or new symptoms with my General doctor or my Rheumatologist, and then the rest of my time is at the pharmacy. I get easily agrivated with me being normally a very active person and being "held down". Recently I have began to have cramps and diareah within a 1/2 hour after eating (no matter what it is), I am having headaches again, constant nausea, days where I can't eat or drink at all, dull pain in my lower ribs (both sides), exhaustion again, having flares of my arthritis, I recently began treatment for Asthma which I have never had before, I still sweat all the time, I am thirsty and I am losing weight (not complaining) but not trying, still anemic even with treatment and always have high sed rate and high white blood count. Please help if you can

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