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Atrial Fibrillation

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 26, 2006
  • 03:24 AM

Six years ago, my new doctor got concerned with my high blood pressure. He pressured me into taking Metropolol. A year later and my BP still high but he says give it time and tells me to double the dose. A half year later I start to get these wild hear beats. Crazy, all over the place, weak, fainting, panic attacks. This goes on for a while till I DO pass out and end up at emerge.

Diagnosis, atrial fibrillation. What to do? Take drugs. Drugs don't work. Next? Zap the AV node and destroy the heart' capacity to initiate a beat. Put in pacemaker for the rest of life. Me no Borg, thanks.

Next, the MAZE procedure. Major open heart. No thanks.

They had me on Coumadin. Had an INR event of 7. doctor told me to stop taking. What now? Nothing,,, live with it. Job in jeopardy, got to so something.

Do research. Several kinds of AF. Vagal, adrogenergic and Neurological. ITS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU KNOW WHAT KIND YOU HAVE.

The drugs for one will make the other worse. I had vagal, the Metropolol made it worse. In fact, latest indications are that the Met was the CAUSE.

How do I know? I tapered off the Met and bit by bit, the AF went away,,, mostly. ONE episode in six months. Prior was having two to three a week.

So, one day my doc says your BP is WAY high, you really ought to control it.

So I resume the MET. BANG, instant AF and even thought that was the LAST time I ever took it again, the AF came back with a vengeance and never let up. Only then did I realize that the Met was the CAUSE.

Now what. Did more research. One fellow resolved his constipation and the AF went away. Me no have constipation. Or so I thought. So I take laxatives and an improvement. Then I read how MAGNESIUM is vital element in several hundred biochemical processes. So I start taking it. 500 milligrams a day at first. No improvement. Worked up to 2 to 4 grams a day and boy, now did i ever NOT have constipation. Hey wait, remember that guy that cured his AF by going more often?

That went on for a month and them settled down to a manageable level.

By then the AF went away and now, three years later, ONE episode in all that time.

Since then, I take four GRAMS of magnesium chloride a day. Overdose? Nope, had a blood test for all minerals six months ago and my blood level of Magnesium was just barely over their upper limit. Just barely. And THIS is with taking the stuff at four grams a day for years. Looks like I'm either using a lot in my body, day to day, or not that much is being absorbed considering the intake. So I cut back to two a day and whups, a little burble in the chest now and again. Back to four and back to normal.

My experience.

How does this work? My speculation. The adrenals push chemicals into the blood to raise the heart rate in response to flight or fight. Or even just exercise,, same thing. So, when the Sabre Tooth Tiger goes away, or when you stop jogging, the heart can't just keep on beating at the elevated rate. No need, the heart needs to be slowed down. The vagus nerve does this. These two elements work in balance. Hey, and look, Metropolol subdues the adrenergic response. Prevents the heart rate from going up when the body demands it. So, we have a drug imposed imbalance. THE CAUSE OF MY ATRIAL FIBRILLATION. But maybe that nasty side effect might not have happened had I not been deficient in magnesium.

Bottom line is that this worked for me.

It's magnesium, an essential mineral nutrient, NOT a drug which works by short circuiting the natural function of a system.

Worth a try. Sure glad I did, Good luck.

Let us know if it works for you.

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  • Hi, So you are not taking Met but only 4 gr of Mg a day and no more AF.Amazing so when did you have the last AS episode.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 12, 2007
    • 03:57 AM
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