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Arthritis?-Ciguatera poisoning?-Lyme Disease

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 11, 2011
  • 03:34 PM

Well, here is my frustrating story, surely no where near as serious as many on here but brow-furrowing all the same. I am 58 and in good physical condition, I have played sports all my life, love hiking and hill climbing etc. Up until Jan 24th, 2011 I was still refereeing football (soccer) twice a week and could keep up with the younger folk.

Since that day I have been unable to run, on many days unable to walk, and have acute pain, which started first in my left knee and now in both feet and left ankle.

In January, I was in Lanzarote on holiday. On out last day there we went for a walk on the beach. I don't recall actually hurting myself and never had any sharp pain on the day. My wife said that she remembers me saying that morning as I got out of the car "oh, thats wierd something funny just happened to my knee"?? Anyway at that point we went for an hours walk on the beach then got back in the car to drive to the airport. Thats when I noticed a little niggle, pins and needles maybe, on the outside of my left knee. Two hours later we were in the air flying home and I could barely put any weight on it. My wife had to drive home from the airport and the next morning my knee was like a balloon.

The doctors first diagnosis was bursitis, a fluid sample showed no infection, I cannot take anti-inflamatories so was put on high dose penicillin. After 12 days the swelling had gone down a little. X-Rays then showed signs of arthritis in the knee, diagnosos osteo-arthritis. But I believe almost anyone with my lifestyle and age would show signs of arthritis. No? I should say that there is history of arthritis in my family, but I have not had any previous serious joint pain. The pain is much worst than a broken bone. A few weeks later my right foot started to hurt which was put down to limping badly. Then my right big toe swelled up, turned red-purple, and moved up into the instep. Diagnosis was Gout, but the blood sample returned normal, and it was explained that that does not mean you do not have gout. A month later the left big toe exploded for no reason, red, swollen acute pain moving into the instep. The left ankle swelled up a day or two later but no pain as such. I was put on Gout specific pain medicine, Colchicine, which had no effect. But cocodamol does relieve the pain.

I have seen a Physio Therapist and there is no abnormal structural damage to the knee.

Since Jan. 24th there has not been a pain free day.

There have been a couple of theories put forward from friends with some experience in this area of unusual sudden pain.

1. ciguatera poisoning - we did eat shellfish and a whole fish on our last night on Lanzarote. From what I have read the symptoms of ciguatera poisoning are much more severe than what I have. Is there a mild form of this condition?

2. Lyme disease - there were small biting black bugs on the beaches in Lanz and I remember itching while on the beach. Again, From what I have read the symptoms of Borreliosis (Lyme disease ) are much more severe than what I have. Is there a mild form of this condition?

Any, ideas, thoughts, suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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