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arm pain??no something more

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  • Posted By: swimgirl201
  • August 30, 2009
  • 02:36 AM

i was a very athletic swimmer and was very active and happy with my life.
i was in practice one day when i counted wrong the strokes to the wall and hit my arm.i kept on going with the practice with just barely noticable pain.as the weeks went on i started to realize that the pain was getting ahe little bit worse over time.i told my parents what had happened and they took me to my physician.he said he dint see any major problems wrong with it and to put a cast from the pharmacy on and that it would be better in a couple of weeks.the weeks went on and i felt it getting worse.i kept on putting on the cast and some ice on it.i told my parents to take me to the doctor again.the doctor sent us to a orthapedic doctor and he said it was just a case of tendonitis..when i told him the pain kept on spreading upwards and i started losing some feeling in my fingers he said it was nerve damamge and put me on 20 pills a day to keep the pain down.as the pills kept pilling up the pain kept getting worse.about 5 months after the incident i finaly told him the pills were doing nothing for me and the pain was getting alot worse with more symptoms coming along.he sent me to get an mri of the wrist and elbow.the mri showed fluid in the wrist and elbow.he said just to keep on the pills and give it some time.i had never experienced so much frustration over one person.once again i had told him the pills werent doing much.at that time i had stoped swiming and it was getting harder to even write.he was confused with all the symptoms and sent me to an hand therapist to get my strenght back.after 3 weeks of therapy the therapist finaly gave up and told me to go back to my doctor with more weaknes and pain.the doctor sent me to one of his collegues in another office.this new doctor wanted another mri but this one of my neck.the mri came back suspicios of nerve damage and he sent another mri to be done.everything looked perfect and he thought it might be bone related.he sent me to get a bone scan of the whole body.once again another failure it turned out negative.he did multiple tests and all turned out normal.he thought iit was phycological and refered my parents to a physciatrist.my dad being one himself thought to get another doctors opinion.i was getting tired of losing my life and living with the inmence pain.nobody understood what i was going through.i told my parent i couldnt live like this it wasnt worth living when i couldnt put a sweater on because the pain and the infalmation wouldnt let me.once again we went back to the physician and he sent us to an orthapedic surgeon for kids.this doctor looked at all the previous test that had been done and ordered some blood work.it all turned out negative.the doctor asked me about all the symptoms i had been having and about my daily life with the pain.i told him my arm was always sweaty or cold,and always looked more "fuller"than the other arm.he quickly asked my parents were this pain came from and if it kept spreading over time.we said yes and he said i know what it is.i dint believe him for i had heard that so many times.when he said something that actualy made sense.he said i had reflex sympathetic dystrophy.this disease is a central nervous system problem.he explained me about the disease and it made more and more sense with everyword he said.i was so excited and happy i was about to go into tears.he said the only way to get me to get better was intense pt and to see a pain specialist.i tryied the pt and it was the worst pain i wanted to burst to tears.the therapist said the best way to get better was to keep on trying after 4 months of intense pt i started seeing some changes.i started swiming slowly and carfuly.the battle against rsd is still being faught and i will not give up i will not lose.
this pain has taught me to always trust your self and what you know about your body no one can fix not even the smartest people the people with the most knoledge cant figure out your pain.

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