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Anyone have Shingles!? Or know of a child with Shingles?

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  • Posted By: Sweetypie
  • July 4, 2009
  • 03:03 AM

When my son, now 10yrs. old, was 8 months old, he had what I thought was a little pimple on his back. It quickly turned into this horrible blister on his back and the Dr. I had at the time, told me "he thought" it was Impetigo (he's no longer my dr BTW..LOL). He gave me medicine and sent me home. The medicine did NOTHING for his problem. It was about 1 yr later and he had another outbreak and back to the dr. I went and he told me again he thought it was that. ANOTHER year later, I had a different Dr., and my son had another outbreak, but this time the Dr. knew RIGHT AWAY what it was and gave me medicine for it that helped it heal much faster. He usually will go about a year, MAYBE two without an outbreak. There have been a rare couple of times that he had it twice in one year. He used to come to me and say that his back itched, but I didnt put two and two together till it was full blown and hurting, but NOW when he says his back itches, WE KNOW and keep an eye on it. Sometimes its turned out to be nothing, but usually it comes out. Ive been noticing the last several years that if he starts complaining of stomach aches, headaches, runs a fever and is just "sick", that it means its coming out soon. He recently had it come out a couple of weeks ago, and its finally just going away. The Dr. gave me Altabax and told me to start putting it on the first sign I see of it. Ive done that to it a couple of times that it started to come out before this last time and it did help make it go away. But this last one just didnt want to stay gone and he had two spots on his back. I think Ive put together also that maybe it just needs to come out, because it just seemed like he was sick and felt HORRIBLE for at least a month or two. I just dont know what to do. I cant find anything on children with shingles. Our Dr. says she treats another patient, a little girl that has it. But I just dont know what to do. I only know of old people getting this.AND THE OTHER THING, is that he was my first born. I was a "new Mommy", and knew EVERY INCH of his body, and he never had the chicken pox, that I knew of, unless he got one in his ear or up his anal cavity!! I asked MY own Dr. if he could have gotten it from the shot and he said no that it had to be from a LIVE VIRUS....????????..... But....uhhhhh...doesnt the shot have live virus in it!?!?!? He just disagreed and said it couldnt have. I THINK.....he is lying!!!! Ive read up on this problem till Im blue in the face...and come across so many different conflicting statements. Like one that said once you have an outbreak, you'll never get another one again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!! Go figure!!!! They need to come see my son, EVERYTIME he has an outbreak!!! I try to keep both my kids as healthy as possible, cause Ive noticed that sometimes when he is sick, it will come out cause his immunity is down. I would just love to talk to someone else who is dealing with this in a child. The Altabax works great, I just want to know what other options I might be able to also go to my Dr. with.Ive read (even on this site) that shingles is a reaction of chicken pox and happens YEARS later after having chicken pos. But my son was only 8 months old when his shingles first appeared.Thanks

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