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Any doctors please read,need help helping my doc cause it's not frequency,not,not,not

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 31, 2009
  • 04:58 AM

I have been having this problem since 2005 and every doctor keeps trying to tell me frequency. I can not release when I try to pee...I have been using a catheter for about 5 yrs now. I used to not have bladder pain only the inability to let go, now I have severe pain equal to what it would feel like having a full bladder for hours.

I used to only pee once during the night, now my bladder hurts so bad I got 6+ times a night. I think the pain is caused by my bladder being swollen and reducing it's holding capacity.

I told a urologist about my problem and he said frequency...i had to SCREAM AT HIM IT'S NOT...I told him about an incident where I drank a 64oz glass of water trying to make myself pee. I tried for 6 hours without being able to pee, my bladder was full I looked 3 months pregnant and I could only barely waddle around, but I COULD NOT PEE!!! It hurt so bad. And this was before I found out about catheters. You have no idea how frustrating this is. I was on the verge of tears before he would stop being stubborn and listen to me. He was amazing to hear I only peed once during night. Finally he gave me a script without any other ideas. I hated him,I only remember his name because it was Shottey (spelling?) and he was a shotty doctor. I don't know if listing his name breaks any forum rules if it does I will remove it, I am just so *****d he wouldn't listen and do more especially when I have no insurance and not much income. I felt like he was having a mental block at frequency and just refused to look any further.

So months later I saw another doc in the same office, he diallated me and looked at the inside of my bladder and couldn't find anything wrong. At least he listened to me when I said it wasn't frequency. He also sent me for an ultrasound because at first it felt like I had a growth blocking the lower part of my urethra, but it came back normal too. He also gave me a script for catheters. I was so happy to hear I could have them, they helped SO MUCH!!!

Now i think it was swelling of the urethra not a blockage keeping me from releasing originally, now it feels like my entire bladder is swollen. NOW I do have a frequency problem, but not because of frequent urges to pee, but because of bladder pain. I go 5-6+ times an hour, more if I drink anything, because it feels like my bladder is so full. When I go it's about 3-4 ounces and when I done it feels like my bladder is just as full as before I went AND 10 MIN LATER I HAVE TO GO AGAIN!

I have been trying to look on the internet for a cause so I can help the doctor find a diagnoses, but I can't find anything on my problem only on the opposite problem of incontinence. Please if there are any doctors who can give my urologist a place to start it would be so helpful!!! The doctors are stumped and I'm tired of dead ends. This is so painful. If I have to hold my bladder for too long because I either can't go or there is not a bathroom available my bladder hurts for HOURS after I do go. Even 2 10/650 vicadin will not always make the pain go away.


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