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Am I paranoid or should I get looked at? and how do I?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 11, 2008
  • 08:35 PM

Hello, first, I want to thank anyone who takes the time out to read my thread.

I finally decided to seek more information about the way I have been feeling. What I am writing about are sypmptoms I feel in my head.

- Constant pressure on my temples and forehead (which comes and goes) Sometimes the pressure is extreme enough where all I can do to get some relief is push against my temples and part of the skull that surrounds my eye sockets.

- Sometimes the pressure is too much for me to withstand watching a movie in the theatres, like if I dont look away soon or keep pressure on my temples or eyes, it'll explode.
And forget about going to IMAX theatres, It's rare that I can sit through an IMAX movie without feeling like my head will explode.

- I crack my neck/back/knuckles A LOT. Sometimes I feel like I must crack my body parts to get relief if I dont, I feel this stiff and achy. (also important to note, my neck and back are stiff and achy ALL the time)

- this one happens rarely, I get this weird static like energy in the back of my neck, almost surrounding that part of my spine. (almost feels like sand shifing)

- this one is more rare but Sometimes the pressure, leads to my vision gets cloudy (should note, I wear contacts and stare at a computer all day for work)

- Sometimes the muscles in my thigh, forearms, triceps and biceps twitch. the twitching lasts for a while (a few minutes to a few hours). It's not severe enough that I can't go about my day. And I usually forget about it before I realize it stops. (should note, I work in an office, on a computer all day)

- I forget a lot of things related to short term memory, i.e. where I place my belongings, (I have to consciously tell myself where I put things in order to remember.) I am ALWAYS losing things and have a hard time remembering things that people tell me.

Here is some medical history. I have suffered 3 concussions in my younger days playing soccer. Also part of my history is drug abuse. it's been 8 years since I have used any drugs or drank, but I used to smoke A LOT of pot, used A LOT of LSD/Mushrooms, used a lot of other drugs, but not as much as pot and LSD and is important to note that the reason I stopped LSD is because of a REALLY bad trip I had, I actually felt my brain bleeding (or so it felt) and the physical pain was extruciating, I thought my brain was going to explode and was going to die on the spot, it lasted for over 20 hours. To tell you the truth, a lot of the symptoms I listed above feel very similar to that night, but only milder. Also, I blacked out most times a drank.

I realize all of these symptoms can be the result of many things, which I think the most common is stress. (It is important to note that I am VERY stressed a lot of the time because of work and some other things.) In fact, that is the reason why I never thought about getting my brain or anything like that looked at. I was sure that I was just a little crazy/paranoid and that drug use and stress were the cause.

So I guess I am asking, should I get checked out? I am sure stress is most likely the cause, but I would love to get my brain checked out to make sure everything is ok. Only, I have no idea how I would do that. Do I just show up in a hospital and say, "Can you scan my brain?" LOL...I doubt it. But any advice or just a push in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much

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  • It is a known fact that drug use can cause some brain damage, it kills brain cells and that could possibly explain losing things. The headaches you mention seem unbearable and honestly as a nurse I would suggest you go and see your doctor. You can ask him/her if an MRI or PET scan could be done, so maybe they can see if you may of possibly had a mini stroke or if you have abnormal vessels and eh, and possible tumor. After years of suffering I finally got an MRI and come to find out I had a tiny mini stroke and will have an infarction (dead area) in my brain forever. It didn't affect anything but my vision. I have to squint to see things clear now and can't keep eye contact for some odd reason. The migraines are awful! You would be surprised at how some doctors will take your advice. You know your body better than anyone else does. If you feel that you need an MRI then tell your doctor that you would prefer one. A lot of them like to start with the least expensive and work their way up, but that just ends up costing more in the long run. Tell them you want it done without contrast and then with contrast, so they can compare the two. Patients have rights and you have a right to know what is going on with you and the right to view your medical records. I hope everything works out for you. Good luck and I hope to see a medical diagnosis up after your visit to the doctor or a possible brain is clear. PS....if he/she is reluctant then tell them you would feel more comfortable with the test being ran and stand your ground. They will give in. With your symptoms they have reason for an MRI to be performed.
    Butterflylove75 5 Replies
    • November 13, 2008
    • 07:54 AM
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  • You should also see a dentist. Do you know if you grind your teeth? It can cause awful headaches. A tension headache is usually described by the patient as like wearing a hat that is way too small. Too bad, you did drugs. I wish those who still do read your post. Good luck with everything!
    Felsen 510 Replies
    • November 15, 2008
    • 07:33 PM
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