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  • Posted By: zig5151
  • June 19, 2013
  • 02:52 PM

Hi, I am almost 21 years of age and have been living with alopecia for about 17 years of my life.  When I was younger I used to get multiple bald patches for about 6 months in the winter then all the hair would come back in.  This occurred all the way up to about 5th grade.  At this point I would just lose one or two small patches of hair and this pattern continued up until the summer before my junior year of college, which was this past summer.  I was losing another normal patch of hair so I figured nothing of it and continued my life.  But soon enough I noticed the patch getting larger and larger and more patches were appearing as the days moved along.  About two months later almost all of the hair on my head was completely gone and now the hair on my eyebrows started falling out.  Up until this day I have no hair on my head and have about 40 percent of eyebrow hair remaining.  I have approximately 20 percent of my facial hair remaining.  I mostly had all my forearm hair before and now it is too falling out in patches.  My legs were almost hairless before and now even the hair that is there is starting to fall out.  I'm honestly really troubled by the past couple months and wondering what my body is trying to counteract inside.  
About a month ago I recently read articles online about putting onion juice on the bald spots to help with hair regrowth and other natural remedies.  After putting onion juice on my head for about a week, I started to see some extremely minor hair growth.  I mean a dozen or two black hairs.  Then about a week later, every square inch of my head was covered in blonde hairs still with the straggling few black hairs.  And its not like the hairs are really small and unnoticeable, they continue to grow and some are even an inch or two in length.  I struck with hope that my hair was indeed coming back in but nothing else ever occurred the hairs just continued to get longer and no other black hairs seem to be growing.  I even tried shaving the blonde hairs to see if darker ones would proceed to grow but that was not the case.  I did some research online and some people said that just because you have blonde hairs on your head does not necessarily mean that my black hair will eventually return.;I was hoping to get some feedback, whatever it may be regarding, on anything about the blonde hairs that continue to grow and spread on top of my head.  I'm almost at the point where I believe that I may never regain my hair, which can occur with some people based on genetics. So any comment is much appreciated, I will gladly take any advice I can receive.;Thank you. 

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