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Abdominal pain every day

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  • Posted By: Boscoe Snodgrass
  • January 1, 2007
  • 00:26 AM

After having many abdominal surgeries over several years (including two C-section babies, repeated adhesions, intestinal blockages, gall bladder removal, hiatus hernia repair, and recently had a section of mesh placed over a Viceral hernia along the middle of my abdomen), I am not impressed with many physicians. After the hernia (mesh) surgery, I have had continuous, daily pain. A repeat CT scan showed a section of fluid along the surgery line. No one will take the initiative to remove it; if that is what is really causing my pain. The surgeon that installed the mesh became defensive and stated the pain was just more adhesions and that "I will just have to learn to live with the pain, since he refuses to go back into my abdomen." In the area where we live; if you attempt to get a second oppinion, the second physician will become defensive and refuse to see you, telling you that you will have to go back to see the original surgeon. I am so very tired of hurting every day. Has anyone else ever had constant pain troubles after having the mesh surgically installed? Help..:confused:

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  • get an attorney ASAP!!!!!!!!
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • February 20, 2007
    • 06:33 AM
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  • Thought you might want to know that there has been a recall on a certain type of surgical mesh. There are several types of surgical mesh. You would need to research to see what mesh was used and the exact mesh that is involved in the recall. Hope you get relief soon.
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  • We all suffer some uncomfortableness after surgery. Sometimes it seems to last longer than it should. I've had a c-section and I've had my gall bladder removed. Never did the Hernia thing though. I think you should contact an Attorney as someone has said. Take this to court. This doctor seems like a real ***k. As far as second opinions go....that's ridiculous where you live. I feel so bad for you and I really hope you look into the legal advice. Good luck and feel better!
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  • Please go to " HysterSister.com/mesh removal, you will find all kinds of problems , good luck with your dilema,Sue/Plumhollow and if you can let me know how you are doing, also theres a recall on mesh that was used for hernia repair,
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  • its people like you thinking an attorney will fix your problems that makes doctors refuse to see complicated problems....because after they try to fix things and there are issues, the answer is pay me off...go to a university medical center and let them deal with it instead of your attorney
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  • I am going through the same problem right now. I went for the second opinion and he told me to go bact to the doctor that preformed the surgery in the first place. I have had multiple CT scans and the only thing they could come up with is a build up of scar tissue that could be causing the pain. My doctor told me to try rubbing Vit. E oil on the area and to take 800 units of vit.E daily it did not work! He dosent want to do another surgery because it can cause more complications and pain than I am already having but, I told him that the chance of feeling better was a chance that I was willing to take. You as a patient have the right to be as pain free as possible. You need to be your own advocate and let your doctor know that you are paying him for his services and that something needs to be done. This should not be what you have to look foward to for the rest of your life.Keep your head up and I hope all goes well!!
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  • Hang in there! I have had 16 major abdominal surgeries. 13 "hip to hip" and the last 3 up and down. I had endoscopic procedures - many. Nov07, my 16th.. I have seen many, many drs. most said, it's in your head, live with it, see a shrink...I have tried acupuncture,pain clinics, meditation. I had been repeatedly tested for lupus, lyme disease. I offer the following to you and hope it helps!! First and foremost...YOU are the BEST advocate for YOUR body. YOU MUST BE the advocate for your body. With ins. premiums and law suits, Drs just WONT take your case unless YOU plead YOUR case. Secondly - You have the RIGHT to be PAIN FREE !! Now, as we get older sure, aches,pains, (and we will always have some pain abdominally after a surgery...always..it will never be 'like it was' before.. ) however, pain that is dibilitating and I'm sure you know of what I speak is NOT ok. Nobody and I mean NOBODY unless they too have gone thru what you and I have been thru have the right to tell you any differently!! Most people, in my experience..."just don't get it!!" We do, they don't..we do 24/7 of EVERY DAY of EVERY YEAR. I am NOT trying to be an advocator of pain medicine...(that may and I stress MAY lead to other problems) that being said, we have the right as a human being to try to the best of our ability to have a quality of life. I have struggled and do struggle with the guilt of what my family has gone thru because of me. I too have tried the vit E thing...:(:rolleyes: Some people just are GREAT at growing scar tissue and adhesions and with every new surgery there are always new scar tissue and new ahesions. I too had the new' mesh...I have also had the old mesh... and I have lost some of my lower bowel. In Nov. I had scar tissue, adhesions removed a viseral hernia repair, my bowels were being strangulated causing some blockage. 6 mos later, I now have 3 hernia's, bladder prolapse and who knew your **s could fall out too!! lol :eek:..(no joke) (that Dr. too told me to "live with it". )Thirdly - As far as the lawyer thing,...IF you feel like there was neglect involved than that is a different issue altogether. I do however agree with the 3/29 post that too many of us go to lawyers. Again, I stress- Neglect is different! However, again I remind you, with every new surgery comes new adhesions and so many people have asked me why go thru it then?? Like you and me, 18 months of less pain, tolerable pain is sooooo worth it - (and my bowels were being strangulated) I have averaged a surgery every 18 months for the past 20 YEARS! But hey, they are breaking thru everyday a cure for cancer - we could be next... FOURTH - Fight for yourself, you are worth it. They say stress does more damage to your body than ANY disease. Most people do not realize how pain, 24/7, every single day can cause stress...but we do. I go to Boston, it's more than an hour away...but they are the best...go to the best and hang in there. It's incredible how much the power of positve thinking, positive enviroment, positive friends & family help...stay away from the just live with it people and fight for yourself!! Let us know how you make out ( or made out)...good luck!!
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  • Acupuncture and Traditonal Chinese Medicine can be very helpful, but not a quick fix. It is possible to have pain post surgery that will not go away on its own. Acupuncture can help manage your pain and keep you off strong pain meds. Please look into it - it works. A good massage therapist who does abdominal massage may also be helpful - but find a good one! To original poster - where do you live? DOM
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  • Abdominal pain can be caused by adhesions. Go to: www.adhesions.orgI recieved a pain pump almost a month ago but can't say yet if it is helping.
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  • I have had constant abdo pain which started about 3 months after bladder repair after tests they keep telling me its IBS but I think its coming from the bladder as it is worse when bladder is full. The pain is 24/7 and wearing me down but GP has told me to live with it as I have had so many ops, (D & C's followed by womb removal, ovaries removed gall bladder) that I probably have lots of scar tissue. Doesn't take the pain away and i know it started after the repair. Going to try a second opinion. lawyers can't take the pain away so all you do is make docs go on the defensiveYours in painME
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    • October 26, 2009
    • 10:25 PM
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