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A mystery for the medical experts, HELP!!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 29, 2007
  • 10:52 AM

Can someone please help me?? It all started about mid february, I woke up one day shivering with a major headache. Once I got out of bed, I fainted. Then for 1 week non stop I had diarrhea where I lost so much weight and was unable to eat anything other than apple. They took me to the hospital twice whereby they injected me with IV fluids. After a week, I regained my strength and I thought everything was back to normal. However, I continued getting major cramps of about 3seconds randomly in my stomach. 3 weeks later, I got diarrhea again with a fever and felt dizzy all the time. I then started realizing there was blood and mucus in my stool. I was taken to the doctor where he prescribed Flagyl. I finished a course of Flagyl however the stomach cramps was still present, along with the blood and mucus in the stool. So again I did a Stool test and found blood. So i started another course of medicine which was ...... After a week of that, I went for another stool examination and yet again blood and mucus was still present. And now I'm taking another course of Flagyl medicine and Motilium. I want to know what exactly is wrong with me. I've been in and out of the hospital since February, visited 4 different doctors, taken so much medicine, and till now have no clue what is the name of the disease. I've been told first that it's dysentery, then ammebia dysentry, then E Coli, then Giardia, I don't know what next. So please if anyone suffers from the same can you please help me out and direct me to the correct path. Thanks.

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  • Has Anyone Ever Mentioned The Possibilty Of Colon Cancer? Sweety You Have Some Of The Symtoms. Search It,print It Out And Show It To Your Doctor And Make Him Run Tsets. If It's Not That It Could Be Stomavhe Cancer As Well. But I Really Hope It's Nothing Serious
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  • No the doctor never mentioned anything about cancer!! Ok I'm 22 years old, i weight about 52kgs and i eat a very healthy diet. The doctors continuiously tell me that it's from eating out, but i'm not sure what the actual cause is. I just don't want to see anymore blood in the stool!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Maybe you want to tell us what you ate right before you got sick;also you may want to look back at your emotions, were you going thru some particular stressful time? How is your lifestyle? Did you feel any decrease on energy or did you feel like you had a cold during the previous days?What have you been eaten after you were taken to the hospital for the round of IV?Have you tried modifiying your diet?Can you list the foods you eat?Are you male or female?Is the blood in the stools light red, orange, brown?Do you have any pain?Furthermore, how do you feel about anger, conflict or self criticism? What kind of thoughts usually come to your mind during the day? What do you do for living? married or single?
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  • Ok i am a female and the day right before it all started, i ate something from home, so that couldn't have triggered the whole thing. it was something else. Ok i am 22year old female, and i'm single. i graduated from uni last year and since march 15th 2007 i have been working, but i have no stress AT ALL in my life, i am a very emotional person but i am extremely happy, there are days when i do get a bit sad but i never let it bother me. so i think it has nothing to do with stress, emotions, anger or anything of that sort. and also i think it has nothing to do with my eating habits because i am a very hygienic person, i get disgusted from everything, i can never eat at someone's house because i dont know whether they washed the vegetables properly or whether the food is clean or not. everything at home is clean and even if i do eat out i make sure not to eat any salad or anything raw, usually just girlls. i despise fried food (other than french fries which i eat about once month), i don't drink any caffene, i hate coffee and tea and rarely drink fizzy drinks. i hate Mcdonalds and all fast food chains. my diet usually consists of sandwich for breakfast, salad and trukey sandwich for lunch and dinner is usually rice with meat, chicken or fish and vegetable and salad again. i do however have a sweet tooth and love chocolate and sugar. I was told from the doctor not to drink any MILK AT ALL, and he just told me that it's bacteria from unhygienic food and eating out. now the symptoms consist of frequent cramps and relief after going to the toilet, blood and mucus in the stool, the blood is usually a redish color, exactly the color of blood but it is in chunks not watery at all, there is no diarrhea and no constipation, i go to the toilet about once or twice a day. that's about it. finally i would like to thank you eatafruit for your concern and for helping me out.
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  • Umm it sounds like Chron's disease to me. but I am not a doctor and so I could be wrong!!!!
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  • Pleaseeeee anyone, any more suggestions?????
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  • Well, I thought about your post- I was thinking that you may want to look into different possibilities. It sounds strange, but commonly diseases have more than one trigger.*You might have pararisites. Even if you tested negative. The chocolate/sugar crave might be a hint.*You might have a wheat/milk intolerance. At the same time you eat bread everyday (?). There is a lot of research discouraging people to eat that much grain.Grains and milk stick in the colon and allow bacteria to grow freely. Gluten is use to glue wallpaper, imagine what it does to the colon.*Also, avoid processed meats. I did not get the impression that you bake all the turkey you eat from scratch (?). If you are going to eat meats, eat them fresh and from scratch. Allowing processed food and deli. You might be allergic to sulfites. *As far as emotions go, it is when we ignore our emotions that they turn around and bite us in the **s.You said "there are days when i do get a bit sad but i never let it bother me".Be very careful and identify that sadness- is it resentment (old trapped anger), anger, or guilt disguised as sadness? If you suddently feel "a bit sad"- you need to take time to meditate and process those emotions.If you need to give yourself affirmations, hit the bed, or scream in a pillow- then do it.Whatever it is, don't just press it down in there and shut the door, it is very damaging for the body.*Look into alternative treatments such as Oriental Medicine and NAET- as they are known to work wonders on people with gastric problems.Again, I think your colon is in a bit of a pickle- how the blood is red tells me that it has not been traveling very long.Look into colon care books.Take Care.Sincerely, Eatafruit78
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  • Hi,Please think back to before your symptoms began in February - did you have the flu over the holidays or in January? Did you take a course of antibiotics at that time? Certain antibiotics can cause clostridium difficile bacterial infection which in turn can cause horrible, horrible pseudomembranous colitis...this can occur as a side effect up to 8 weeks after taking an antibiotic, and often docs and patients don't get the connection. It is usually an extra test that needs to be done, and a typical stool test will not show this. I had this after taking a week's dose of clindamyacin over 4 years ago, and thought I was going to die! Of course, the Western treatment for this is MORE antibiotics - uggh!!!:confused: I chose instead to get acupuncture and Chinese herbal medcine, and in two weeks was completely symptom free! Please look into this as an option - Traditional Chinese Medicine has some very classic herbal formulas specifically for blood and mucus in the stool. It is very effective. The very least thing you should be doing is taking the best PROBIOTIC you can afford and take this daily - I would take 1-2x the normal dose. This will help rebuild your damaged intestinal flora (from antibiotic use) and reintroduce beneficial bacteria into your gut. I like Jarro-Dophilus EPS, but there are many available - try to find one with several strains of probiotic. Whether you are diagnosed with Crohns, IBS, or something else, I suggest trying acupuncture to help. And before you take another dose of antibiotic or other medication, please look them up on www.drugs.com so you are aware of the side effects. I wish I knew about the c. difficile, and now will avoid any antibiotic if at all possible. Best wishesDOM
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