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5 Year Old Shin Issue

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 10, 2007
  • 02:57 AM

My 5 year old son has been walking with a limp for about a week. When he walks, he turns his foot out on that leg. He feels no pain when I rotate his foot or touch him, except when I touch a small area on his inner shin about the middle of the way down. Compared to the other shin, there appears to be a small bump there. There is no bruising. X-rays did not reveal anything. Now, the doctor wants to do an MRI, which would include an IV, to make certain that it is not a tumor. However, my son is very, very afraid of needles. My guess is shin splints or possibly a bone infection (he has eczema); but he does not complain about pain unless I touch that spot on his shin and there is no skin irritation or fever. Any guesses?

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  • I would want the MRI as soon as they wanted it done. There is always the fear of sarcoma of the bone they worry about. Be glad your doctor is not letting it go as "nothing" but wants to rule out anything serious. I understand the fear of needles, but you also want to be assured of his good health too. Just talk to him, and try to explain you will be with him. Usually the ones that work with children try their best to be understanding of their fears.I work in a medical office and am afraid we spoil the kids when they have to come in so they get over the dread of coming to our office. We keep toys, stickers of all kinds, suckers, coloring books, reading books. It has helped so much they won't even leave without a fuss and a sucker & their sticker now.Good Luck with the Dx.
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  • While I agree that testing is important, a week is not a long time to have pain - does your son play soccer or baseball or some other sport? Could he have gotten injured and maybe didn't notice it hurt until the next day or so? Could this be a bite of some kind?Does your son have any other symptoms - sleep/digestion/urination/emotions? Anything at all besides eczema? I would take him to a chiropractor who does gentle manipulation and/or kinesiology and see what they think. If he continues to worsen then I would do the MRI. If he has NO other troubling symptoms and an xray didn't reveal any mass or problem, then I would first try chiropractic. But that is just my opinion.:o Best wishesDOM
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  • Update: We had the MRI done. They used gas to put him to sleep. So, he was not frightened. The MRI revealed abnormalities in the bone. They drew some blood and plan a bone biopsy on Friday. They said it could be anything from an unseen stress fracture to infection to leukemia to a "whole list of other things". I guess that we will need to be patient. But it is hard to be calm, when they start usuing the "c" word.
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  • My prayers are with you, and I hope the tests reveal a benign cyst, or fracture. Stay strong. DOM
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