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35 Month Old and Uncertain if he is Autistic

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 18, 2010
  • 02:20 AM

My 35 month old does not understand most simple instructions, and non verbal. He loves hugs, can play with toys (no imaginitive play) shows affections, responds most of the time when his name is called, has pretty good eye contact, will not intitiate play with kids but if they initiate he will play with them, once he falls asleep he sleeps all night. He does not spin, hand flap, head bang, rock, or fixated on wheels or ceiling fans. His primary delays is speech, receptive/expressive. He will push me to what he wants or pull me to the floor if he want's to play. He can match all his colors, alphabet, shapes and numbers (via)puzzels. He can stack blocks, lego, cups etc....it is so confusing. We had him tested and it was stated "a definitive diagnosis of autism could not be given at this time".

Any suggestions on what I should do???


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  • Maybe he has this learning disorder but not he's not autistic. I can't totally remember the exact name of the disorder that my review professor told us before. His son is experiencing same condition too but the doctor said he's not autistic. He's just a slow learner that's why he can't easily respond to other people. Seek for doctor's help, for sure they can point out the problem of your child.
    tejoey 5 Replies
    • October 19, 2010
    • 01:49 AM
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  • His primary delays is speech, receptive/expressive. He will push me to what he wants or pull me to the floor if he want's to play. Hi, My son has a disorder called childhood apraxia of speech. It is a neurologically based motor planning disorder and I actually find the name a bit deceptive as the primary symptom of this disorder is a lack of speech but it also can and frequently does include so many more problems. Children with CAS were frequently misdiagnosed with autism in the not so distant past and it does still occur now. Most kids with this disorder test as having a big disparity between receptive and expressive language but not all of them do. I can tell you that at your sons age my son could say Ma, Da, and everything else was 'MMMMMMM' and pointing to or dragging me to what he wanted.My son did not initiate play with other kids as he was more than smart enough to know they could talk and he couldn't and that made him different. It made him sad and a little shy around people he did not know very well. He was a little slow developing imaginative play too and I think it's possible that since his learning contacts were more limited because of his reluctance to play with others he just didn't have a very good model for it until a little later. It sounds like you are really involved and looking for answers. This is the best thing you can be for your child! There is a very long and somewhat complicated list of diagnostic indicators for CAS. If you haven't already, get an evaluation by a good SLP with knowlege of both CAS, and autism spectrum disorders. It may be your son is a little too young to definatively diagnose but they should be able to give you ideas of what the potential problem is. Their is nothing scarier for a parent than knowing something is wrong with your child and not knowing what that something is. I remember very clearly being where you are now. I hope this post helps you find answers.
    gardenmama123 2 Replies
    • October 19, 2010
    • 11:36 AM
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  • Hi, I am a Special Education Teacher. It is VERY important that you get help for your son. It is not normal for him to have so little verbal skills. Early intervention is key in the success of treating any development delay--- including autism. Autism has such a wide spectrum-- and no child with autism is alike. However, the eye contact and emotional connection and expressions he is showing are not lining up with signs of autism. Has he actually declined in his verbal ability?- b/c that is a key symptom of autism. The bottom line here is you HAVE TO HAVE HIM TESTED BY A PROFESSIONAL! Don't accept just one answer either. You HAVE to be your child's advocate and get him the help he needs! Best of luck and prayers to you and our family
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 21, 2010
    • 01:48 AM
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