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30 years of chronic stomach problems

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  • Posted By: sammypvt
  • March 23, 2008
  • 10:17 AM

I am 55 yrs old and have suffered over half my life with stomach problems that nobody seems to be able to diagnose. Here is my brief history.

Born in 1952 I grew up healthy and became a professional golfer. In 1979 (27yrs old) I lost my wife in a car accident. I went for 2 years grieving and ballooned up to 19 stone. My sponsors offerered to pay for a private stomach bypass and I had the operation at the Nuffield trust, leeds, by Professor Johnstone in 1981.

I went down to 12 stone in 5 months and felt ok for a time but then everything went horribly wrong. I started getting bad stomach cramps and on one occassion I was admitted to hospital for a cracked skull because I ran against the bathroom wall to try and knock myself out, the pains where that bad. I was diagnosed with a Gaul bladder problem and it was removed in 1982.

In 1983 I had aquired a terrific amount of reflux and suffered for 2 years. Eventually I had a Hyetal Hernia operation. The pains didnt stop but subsided somewhat. I only got them badly if I had a drink of anything alchohol (I have never been a drinker, no beer, wines or spirits ever) If I drank one or 2 shots, bang my guts played up so I stopped drinking anything and have stayed that way all my adult life (tea totaller).

Over the years I have had Biopsy's, cameras up and down all orifices, I was diagnosed with everything from IBS to Steatorrhea and just recently doctors are saying that after 27 years, that Professor Johnstones bypass surgery probably went wrong somewhere.

All I know about that proceedure was that instead of it taking 3 hours, I was under the knife fro 8.5 hours and was only told there where a few complications. What these complication where, I never found out.

My latest doctors are telling me I may be Lactose intollerant and need to go through all the tests again after all this time to rule out things.

Bottom line is that nobody knows or is willing to hazzard a guess. I have been to many different practitioners and they all have varying views and suggestions.

All I know is that if I eat, say Bacon and eggs in the morning and a spicy meal at night, I single handedly do more damage to the ozone layer over my country than all the refrigerators in existence.

I suffer from really bad gas (every 2 mins on average, starting around 8pm and carrying on till I go to sleep) I then wake up and go to the bathroom 3 times over a period of 1 hour, in order to evacuate yesterdays food waste and each time takes at least 3 flushes to get rid of it. My stool is very pale, extreemly rancid, floats like cork and the water surrounding it is like an oil slick (sorry to be so graphic) I have had loose stool and bad runs for all these years now I am getting to old to keep up with the problem. I cant keep a job down, I got fired once for my bad gas and stinking the bathrooms out. People dont realise that this is an ailment and not a self inflicted problem. I cant look at spicy food or dairy products without my rear end twitching.

Anyone got any ideas.

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  • I have never been given any medicines for anything, the doctors are too busy with tests and to date nobody has any definative answers. My stool has been almost yellow the whole time. One doctor put me on some medicine for Crones disease but nada. I had some blood tests done last month and the ALD numbers where 94 (whatever that means) All I know is that I am allways tired and my joints like my fingers, feet and knees ache after the smallest of excercise. How can I get hold of these medicines.
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  • Hi Sammy,This is a bit of a shot in the dark, but some of your symptoms (stomach pain, stool problems, gas, sensitivity to certain foods, fatigue, joint pain) sound like what I had for the past 20 years or more and/or have now. Allergic type reactions are apparently common with vitamin b12 deficiency, which is surprisingly common and which there is a long thread about on this site. I'm getting a lot of help with my own symptoms from it and it might be worth you having a look. See particularly some of the posts by Freddd and by Kevinmillhill, both of whom have researched this whole area thoroughly and scientifically and have compiled comprehensive lists of symptoms as well as suggested treatment. All the best, jan
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  • I have tried to find some research by the 2 people you mentioned but I think searching thier names has been disabled on this site. How can I find them. I have tried going up and down the site but to no avail. The B12 thread is very long and I am on slow internet connection speed.
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  • Sorry for the last post, I eventually managed to track down some of Fredds posts and Kevins as well. One thing that came out of reading their posts was that I have noticed that my finger nails are extreemly ridged like one of the ladies on the posts said. Mine are very corrogated in texture and have white lines running down them to the tips. I never took any notice of these lines before but they are present in both hands and feet.I asked my doctor about my blood tests and the B12 levels, she failed to be specific but her generalisation leads me to believe she is only interested in passing the buck to another doctor. She has advised me to see a specialist in gastric bypass surgery as my troubles seemed to stem from the date of that surgery. Problem is that I am told his appointment schedule is 3 months away. Getting any sence out of my doctor is like knitting fog, she only wants to get us in and out of her surgery as quick as possible and watches her clock all the time. The whole practice is like that. Anyone got any further ideas on the ridges and white lines on my nails, I find this extreemly interesting and maybe my problems are B12 deficiency after all.
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  • If you go to this page, post #1715 by Kevinmillhill he gives a summary of the various postings on symptoms etc: http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showthread.php?t=9948&page=172 You can also post your own symptoms at the end of the thread and someone will reply - they're very helpful. jan
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