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3 yr old. 30lb weight gain in one year. high sodium and mood swings.

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  • Posted By: dadixichic
  • May 21, 2007
  • 01:49 PM

3.5 year old Female

Birthday: November 4th, 2003

· Has gone from 35 pounds May of 2006 to 65 pounds in May of 2007.

· Hospitalization: Was hospitalized Feb. 4th, 2007 – March 3rd, 2007 for excessive dehydration and renal failure. Spent two weeks in the PICU. Was on hemodyalasis for 3 days. Creatinine went from a 6 upon check in to the current of .7. Dr.s now believe that the hospitalization was exasperated by the week long diarrhea, but the cause was whatever else is going on with the current problems. Our endocrine team’s working diagnosis is a damaged hypothalamus. They have no idea what is causing the malfunction though as she has never experienced severe head trauma. The first MRI in March 07 came back clean. Suggested to repeat again in 4-6 months.

· High Sodium: has jumped around typically in the 160’s. Has been as high as 176 off the DDAVP. We are currently medicating with DDAVP to keep it down, but endocrinologist does not believe her to have diabetes incipites.

· Elevated Prolactin: Has been measured as high as 140 in March 07. One month later had gone down to 101. Started Cabergoline in May. Never took another baseline, but one week after starting medicine prolactin was at .4. We will continue cabergoline for two weeks and retest. If the reading stays low we will take her off the drug and see if it stays low on it’s own (because it was trending down anyway) or because of the drugs.

· Frequent headaches: Gets very specific locations that she will point to for a week or so and then the next week it will move and consistently be there. Usually over one of the eyebrows or directly between them.


· On head thin
· All else normal


· Very cold limbs
· Gets red patches on occasion
· Gets red under her eyes
· “Cradle Cap” all over scalp
· Bruises heal slowly
· Skin peels on hands and feet


· Goes through periods where she’ll spike a high fever at night and wake up in a pool of sweat between 4am and 6am (this will last for a few weeks and then out of the blue stop)
· Sweats excessively when nervous
· Very sensitive to outdoor temperatures. The slightest breeze and she says she’s really cold and wants her blanket wrapped around her (even when in the 90’s)


· When going through sweating periods doesn’t want to drink. Parents need to force liquids. She says “Yuck, tastes really bad”.
· When not in sweating periods she drinks much larger amounts.
· Urination correlates with thirst. Nights when she is drinking and not sweating, she wakes up in a pool of urine.


· Goes through wild mood swings, especially when sodium is high.
· Extremely shy, but not nearly as much when “in balance”.


· Will suddenly get VERY tired and ask to go to sleep, even shortly after prior naps.
· Cannot walk for more than 5 minutes or so without legs hurting to the point of tears.

Eating Habits

· Always has a tummy ache because she “thinks” she’s hungry. Mom doesn’t over feed her and in fact monitors caloric intake very closely since noticing the rapid weight gain a year ago.

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  • Hi, Sorry to hear of your childs suffering. What you are describing sounds very much like a rare endocrine combination disorder of Cushings and Addison's Disease. The two are sometimes found to alternate giving symtoms identical to those you descibe, plus many others. Due to the alternating nature this combination condition can be very dificult to bio-chemicaly diagnose and does take some time to collect all of the pathology test results that would allow a diagnosis. I am myself an Addisonian and as such have the symptoms of half of this disorder, however my 34 year old daughter seems to have both not unlike your child and her endocrinologist is working through evaluation with her. I don't know if this information helps, but I hope it does. Regards Kevin PS The disorder is perfectly treatable and can be managed well.
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  • When your daughter was initially hospitalized for renal failure did they diagnose why? What were her symptoms prior to that event? Was the dehydration caused by her having severe diarrhea? Did they find the cause of her diarrhea? What are her stools like now? What was her birth like and early childhood like? Did these problems come on very suddenly or has she had more chronic issues prior to 07? Was she breast or formula fed? Sorry for so many questions, but it would help to clarify. Best wishesDOM
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