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28 yr old with no risk factors with high blood pressure???

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  • Posted By: New MKE User
  • October 24, 2006
  • 02:48 PM

I have always been very healthy. I am 28 years old, 5'4.5'', 108 pounds. I exercise 3-4 times per week and played college sports. I have low bad cholesterol and high good cholestoral. Bad Cholesteral is 100, good is 72. Glucose is 80 (so good). I do not eat red meat, virtually no processed foods, lots of veggies. I do not smoke, do not drink. My grandma developed high blood pressure at 62. Neither parent, none of my aunts have it (do not have siblings).

The only medication I have ever taken is birth control pills (never bothered me for 5+ years).

Anyways-- i do have a stressful job (65+ hour weeks and a lot of travel). About 1.5 months ago I had what was diagnosed as a panic attack (I had EKGs, blood work, full physical, etc at an emergency room as I thought I was having a heart attack). Only abnormally while there was "slightly low potassium" (.1 under the lowest in the normal range). Said not to worry about it as it was common in a panic attack, but had high blood pressure (145/90) whilte there having this attack.

2 days later went to my gyno for my annual pap smear again, my blood pressure was elevated 140/90.

Then went to my regular physican for a full physical 1 week later--- again the blood pressure was 140/90.

Prior to this panic attack, my blood pressure was always 110/70 (for every appointment I have ever had-- each year since I can remember and happened to have a reading from June (so 3 months before the panic attack).

My family doctor says that she doubts I actually have high blood pressure and it is the anxiety, so she wants me to take Lexapro or Xanax. I am leary of taking a medication and she said to try bio-feedback.

I am very worried as I have since then taken my blood pressure at Target several times... 125/80, 135/90, 118/75, 130/70, 145/90 have been the readings.

What should I do? Should I take Lexapro or Xanax. I am so upset as I do everything that I can do be very healthy and to get high blood pressure this young would be devastating to me. I have only had 1 other panic episode in the past 1.5 months (since the first one) and while I am a Type A person by nature do not feel any more stressed than normal and is not impacting my professional or work life (other than worrying that I instead have high blood pressure).

My husband and I want to have children and I have heard that women with high blood pressure have very difficult pregnancy.

Any advise or help is greatly appreciated?

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