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20 years of pain & not sure if it is fibormyalgia

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 2, 2007
  • 03:13 AM

I am a 29 year old female. I have had severe leg pain since I was 9. The pain is both or just one leg. Can be from my ankle to my hip or lower back. I have tingling or severe cold feeling in my feet sometimes. My legs turn very purple or gray at times. If my feet are very cold feeling a fan blowing on them can be painful. The pain can be so bad that I can't walk normally. I have weekness with the pain. At it's worst I have to move my legs with my hands. I have seen many physicians over the years. I have been given numerous diagnosis and have had exstensive tests ran. My last doctor(last summer) diagnosis was Fibromyalgia, but gave me NO treatment or referral to another doctor. I have read up on Fibromyalgia and some of my syptoms don't fit. Some of the syptoms of it I don't have. I have none of the 18 tender points and it only seems to effect my legs. I am to the point I can't just sit back and "live with it" like my family doctor has told me to. I can't even get pain management! Does any one out there know of a GOOD doctor for Fibromyalgia? I am desperate. This has caused me to be depressed and suicidal at times. I even had to quit a great paying job! Please help if you can! Thank you! Marie tandmharlin@peoplepc.com

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  • I hope that I can offer some help. I am sorry for your many years of pain. I have been listening to a radio program that is reviewing a book called....Caffeine Blues.The author states that caffeine, which is a drug, is found in all types of foods and medicines(even over the counter ones). I encourage you to look at your diet and see if you have been a regular consumer of any of the following:Caffeine Amounts:Soda Pop This amount was given in the program, but, I didn't catch how much is in this beverage.Coffee 6oz. = 100 mg. 12oz = 200 mg. 18oz. = 300 mg.Vivarin 200 mg per tabletDexatrim 200 mg per tabletAnacin 32 mg per tabletNo-Doz 100 mg per tabletExcedrin 65 mg per tabletVanquish 33 mg per tabletMilk Chocolate 6 mg per ozBaking Chocolate 35 mg per ozCandy Bars small bar = 25 mg The way caffeine works is that it constricts the blood vessels by 1/3; the more of it you consume the more the blood vessels constrict. According to the author, this can cause coldness in the hands and feet. Also, it can cause breast cancer in women, ED in men, it can disrupt the normal electrical charges in the body, cause acid reflux, cause heart disease, heart attack, and a host of other health problems.May I also suggest that it sounds to me that you are having circulation problems in your legs. I have a very good naturopathic doctor in South Carolina, who does free telephone consultations, and his number is 1-864-576-0011. His name is Dr. Richard McCraw and his hours are 3 p.m. eastern time zone until 6 p.m. eastern time zone: Monday thru Saturday.I would also ask him about taking some angstom copper(liquid) for parasites.He's really good. He will answer any question that you have. I would jot a few down before I called so that you don't forget anything.I wish you the best of health. I wish for you an end to your pain and suffering so you can get on with your life. God Bless,Sandy
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