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2 yrs after first post on empyema/final outcome.

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  • Posted By: Randy J Becker
  • June 23, 2010
  • 11:35 AM

Hi,I posted a thread on empyema 2 years ago about being hospitalized for 1 month and having a thoracotomy and several chest tubes and after several doctors and 2 different hospitals and a bunch gaffs in my treatment and just when I thought everything was behind me I started to have (R) shoulder pain that seemed to get worse every day until my range of motion was severely limited so I went to an ortho and he diagnosed me with avascular necrosis of my right shoulder (the head of the humerus died due to lack of blood flow)and the cause was because of all of the prednisone that I was given during my pulmonary crisis.soon after this it moved to my left shoulder and then onto both hips.At this time I've had the right shoulder resurfaced with hardware.the left shoulder needs the same thing because the ball has collapsed and my left hip ball socket has fractured and collapsed but they don't want to do a replacement due to my age of 43 and because I will need the other hip done and need the left shoulder done and because it's a progressive disease even after the replacements it will still have to be done again because of my age.the final cause was determined to be a pulmonary doctor who kept me going on prednisone tapers where I was put on 80mg's and then decreased only to start the process over and over all done by phone because it was easier than seeing me in person.All of these problems were done at very reputable teaching hospitals in Fla and N.C. and I blame the way medical care is given with a doctor speacializing in every part of the body.I have 2 orthopedics 1 for my shoulders and another for my hips same thing for my pulmonary problems 3 different doctors for one set of lungs.THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY HAS BECOME A JOKE.THANKS FOR LISTENING RANDY BECKER

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  • I have heard predisone can have some serious side effects. I had some shoulder pain that after a week or so became serious pain in my shoulder and severe pain when I would breathe deeply. I had to take myself to the emergency room because I could not breathe. They said I had pneumonia ad I stayed for one night but left because I had just been laid off and had no insurance. But then two weeks or so later when I thought I had recovered for the most part I passed out while making a soda and hit my head hard. Later I went to lay down and my leg started having spasms and I could not get up off the floor. We had to call an ambulance and they said I needed go to the hospital. While there I had some seizures. They did a CT scan and some other type of scans. I was unable to walk because the left side of my body was numb. Then they told me I had empyema and I would need a lung tube. I didn't want it because I knew it would hurt. But they said I would not get better without it.
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    So I said OK, I guess I will have a lung tube. Next thing I knew I woke up with a lung tube. It was in place about a week. When I could walk with a walker and go to the bathroom myself they released me. It took about a month before I could walk on my own. But it has been several weeks now and I always feel exhausted.I hate to say but they are going to have to eat that bill. I had no insurance and I told them I needed to see ssomeone about assistance like medicaid but I was under too much medication to know if I really talked to that lady or not.
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