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16 yr old with back problems and scared to death

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 14, 2007
  • 02:32 AM

im gonna try to make this brief but it wont be easy

so im 16 and was having really bad pain in my back. i went to go get an mri of my lumbar spine and the doctors discovered spinal stenosis. i was reffered to physical therapy which i have been doing for a little over 6 monthes. the physical therapist said that the way my body is is very unnatural as my shoulders were really rounded and i had a hunched position and terrible posture. after doing work outs to stabzlize me back it seems that the position of the bones in my body is moving a lot. like at random times during the day my bones will snap into into a new position and mak a cracking nice. my shoulders are trying to move further back as there too far forward and as my muscles get stronger it seems m body is doing a lot of moving.

its not just my back that has pain and moving bones its my neck, my hips ( i think my hips are crooked cause i always stand facing to the left to far) and my ribs. this is really hard to explain but i guess im just saying for some reason my body is really messed up. now perhaps the worst/scariest/hardest to explain part of my story is that as my body is readjusting itself to the way its supposed to be its actually affecting my mind and the state of my perception. its not just anxiety either. there will be times when my body does a lot of moving and it feels like my shoulders are moving back and my spinal cord is moving further in and all the sudden my state of perception and the way i view the world will change entirely and everything will seem foreign and honestly it scares me so bad because it feels have to time like im on some sort of halluceogenic drug or something.

i havent really explained this to my doctors because its so weird and hard to explain and i know i didnt do a good job of it here so you guys might have no clue what im talking about but the changes by body is going through are just so weird i cant put into into words and im so scared i dont know what to do. my parents and doctors just think im in pain when infact this condition and my body trying to get better is changing my perception and it is so scary to all the sudden have the world flip on you and be walking around with everything seeming forign and apparently a new thought process making you confused and seem new to the world. and these thinking things obviously arents back problems but i have really bad back problems and my weird thiinking changes seem to be a result of my body trying to fix itself and move back to the way its supposed to be. im in so much pain everyday and so scared i just need advice or maybe a explaination.

thanks if you read

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  • could you consult with a chiropractor and see if he could help you? I would think very proper nutrition, along with calcium + Vit D would be a good idea, too...I might think physical therapy along with the chiropractor would be helpful. Your mom needs to see if you qualify for special education; if so, the school will have to provide the physical therapy and or occupational therapy, too, if they find that it is needed for you to have success at school.
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    • December 18, 2007
    • 04:13 AM
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