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what happened to me.........

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  • Posted By: dudbubbin1
  • January 18, 2007
  • 05:39 AM

my doctor saw how fat i was & suggested a sleep study, thinking i may have sleep apnea- she was right. the error occurred when she DIDNT tell me what sleep apnea was!!! so when i got the mask treament prescribed for me, i refused to wear it (cause it felt funny to wear all night when i slept). from what she told me, sleep apnea was ONLY a "rare, breathing issue at night", so with that info i simply figured it was NO BIG THING!!

i didnt wear the mask treatment & it backfired REAL BAD with a HOST of terrible symptoms, so i educated myself on sleep apnea & found the TRUTH- no wonder i became SO ILL!!

i've learned this: dont make the mistake i did of ASSUMING the doctor has told you EVERYTHING about your diagnosis & treatment. i've discovered that it's UP TO ME to find out the info MYSELF!!

and...this wasnt the ONLY case of medical error in this department--i've seen a pattern with ALOT of doctors on this subject-- they simply LEAVE INFO OUT!!

its just this way, i dont know why!!

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  • What host of terrible symptoms have you had? Probably not related to sleep apnea, I suspect.
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    • February 6, 2007
    • 03:47 PM
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  • ilikeyourarticleverymuch。
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  • You were diagnosed with a condition and told to wear the mask at night.You refused to wear it (i.e. follow the doctors orders). If you were having difficulty getting used to it, then you should have informed your doctor instead of just stopping. Why didn't you talk to your doctor and ask him/her questions (like i.e. if this was a "minor" problem, then why do I have to be on oxygen at night?)This is the same as a person being diagnosed with high blood pressure, being put on medication, refusing to take it and having a stroke. It isn't the doctor's fault.
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  • It took me years to finally realize that I was really on my own in pursuing what I desire for my own health...wellness; and further to recognize that there isn't really a health care "system" just a market. We are all on our own. Sleep apnea appears to be a part of a larger problem of insulin resistance which is the reason people get fat, and diabetic, and hypertensive and have heart disease and a myriad of other diseases including Alzheimer's. It's not easily recognized because of the fragmentation of medicine. The c-pap is just a stop-gap measure, but ceasing to breath is sort of an emergency by the body and will net you repeated pulses of adrenaline and the possibility of arrythmias in your sleep. Soo using it is useful until you fix the actual problem. Ultimately it resolves with the recognition that the standard American diet is full of things causing a systemic manifestation of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Anytime an epidemic occurs its bigger than the individual. A return to real food made by Mother Nature--not in the lab is a start. The processed food market will persists as long as it is given money to thrive.
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    • August 23, 2008
    • 07:11 AM
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