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Was told I had herpes but not tested??

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  • Posted By: lyssa92
  • June 30, 2013
  • 05:44 AM

A couple days ago I had a burning like sensation down in my lady region. It only burned when I went to the bathroom so I thought that I had a UTI. I was out of town when I realized the pain, so I had to wait till I got home to go to an appointment with my doctor. A couple days later I went to my doctor June 26th, 2013. I told the doctor what I had so she looked. She immidiatly said that I had herpes, not test no culture exam and she didn't even take a swab of the area or do a blood test. She just assumed automatically that it was herpes. My doctor told me that she is going to give me medicine for it. She prescribed me Valtrex, and said to take 2 pills twice a day for 10 days then I would have to take 1 pill the rest of my life. These pills are 500 milligrams each, meaning that I take 100 milligrams in the morning and 1000 milligrams at night. Don't you think that is a lot for someone my age?? I am only 20 and I weigh 110, are these pills going to kill some organs or something?? After doing some research and my friend doing some research we started talking about it. We looked up pictures and stories. I don't have what the pictures look like, it only itches in my area. I read that there have been several misdiagnosis' with herpes. People have been told they have it and they don't actually have it. I'm going to schedule an appointment Monday for the soonest time possible to get a blood test and swabs done. I really don't think that I have herpes. How could I have it and not my bf?? Any ideas on what I could actually have??

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  • I cannot believe they didn't test you before they gave you such a diagnosis. My doctor thought I had herpes too, but she did a test to make sure. Guess what... no herpes!Don't panic, get another opinion for this. Find a doctor who is thorough before throwing such a heavy diagnosis on your shoulders. If you do indeed have herpes, don't let it intimidate you. According to my physician, it can be controlled and is more common than you think. Unless your boyfriend has been tested, it cannot be assumed he does not have it. You can be a carrier with no symptoms and if you do end up having it and he finds out he does as well, there is no way to tell who had it first. Good Luck!
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  • Yes, I totally agree with you Pahu. I too think the doctor should test you before putting you on such harsh medication for the rest of your life.I believe it is a good suggestion that you take a second opinion before starting to think that you indeed have Herpes.Do get yourself tested and then take a decision on whom to follow and what medication to take.
    Ammy Wats 53 Replies
    • August 13, 2013
    • 10:15 AM
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  • hi, the doctor isn't a good doctor. you should go to other hospital to take diagnosis or ask them for exam or diagnosis. although the symptoms of herpes are obvious  doctor cannot make sure it is herpes with that. she also has to do some exams or tests. actually, it is hard for one who has no sexual experience to affect herpes, but if you do masturbation with equipment which has herpes on it, you also can affect herpes. herpes can be cured by antibiotic easily, but if you have had drug resistance, you may need to take herbal medicine, for herbal medicine has no such  problems.
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    • August 14, 2013
    • 07:18 AM
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  • I believe that we have the right to doubt of some medical examinations, and we should be able to have some sort of verification or someone else's opinion to bolster our final decision. I was looking for a solution to this problem and I found this company that provides a "second opinion." It is ironic since the name of the company is Second Opinions. I contacted the company and they gave me a 15% discount with the code "wellness". The code is available to everybody. I am satisifed with the results. The website is secondopinions.com
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