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Undiagnosed trembling

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  • Posted By: Michael Hopper
  • December 16, 2007
  • 01:51 AM

I have been trembling (twitching) in my shoulders, hands, legs, etc. for about 8 months now. My Dr. has done blood tests. I had ALL the symptoms of hyperthyroidism but it came back normal. My other symptoms are weak, shaky legs and a very hard heartbeat. My EMG was normal, but the neurologist still wants me to see another expert to totally rule out Parkinsons. Polymyositis was also ruled out. What am I to do? Do I have MS? Parkinsons? My testosterone level is still very low as well and I have lost lots of muscle mass. I'm taking Androgel but only every other day to save money. Will taking it everyday make a big difference?

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  • I'd sit down and be honest with myself... Is there a family history of such diseases. Is there a family history of Anxiety? Panic Attacks? Some Neurological Problem or Disease undiagnosed perhaps? This may require contacting family and examining it for yourself. You may also wish to get a book. Though above all I think to remain calm as it is highly possible this is anxiety. As that is known to trigger Nervous System Problems like you're describing. So in the time that you had this begin did you also have increased stress? Job Stress? Anything... That may narrow down the field...Remeber in the end being your own Doctor is dangerous, these sites and the information you find may be all you have but if you can, attempt to see a specialist whose willing to work pro-bono. Some people who're too deadset on seeking an answer will doom themselves into something they don't have, though the symptoms may mimic what the book says. Even Doctors make these errors. I have and I have learned from it. Do not put yourself under any undo stress due to this as what you described is at the moment you know for a fact not life threatening. Though the possiblity is there it is telling you something...Lastly: If youre Muscles are stiff, you're losing muscle mass, you are having trembling is it because of a Muscular Disease? Say for instance Fribomaylgia*sp? There are so many and there are also like nervous system disorders difficult to diagnos and treat. Don't get stressed as that is rarely life threatening.. Do what you can do and when you're done enjoy your lifeStress is proven and known to take a disease that is non-fatale and end up making it fatale, not downplaying the need for proper medical treatment and prevention just letting you know! It's not to be underestimated! Good luck
    Liam123 48 Replies
    • December 17, 2007
    • 03:04 AM
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  • I think we need a few more questions answered before a FULL diagnostic work up thought medical process can happen:Do you have headaches/nosebleeds or clear nasal drainage (of recent/new onset?)? Any changes in vision (loss of peripheral vision)? Any recent brain scans or prior diagnoses of brain pathology (ex: normal pressure hydrocephalus)? Shunt placement as a child? Have you ever had any brain radiation?Any leakage from your breasts (even though you are male)? What is your age? This is a crucial piece of information and you should always include demographics when describing your problem - young people have different, more common diseases compared with older people. MS is not likely in a 50+ year old, where it is more likely in a 25-50 yr old, for example. Also, people of different age ranges need different health care maintenance - for example, if over 50 or with a + family history of prostate cancer if younger, a PSA level should be checked, colonoscopy, etc.Do you smoke cigarettes? Do you drink alcohol? How much? If no, are you in recovery? If yes, how long? Any family history of cancer? What type? Any personal diagnosis of cancer? What type? Any increased bruising, getting sick more often, bone pain, or new onset tiredness/fatigue?What is your sexual history like? Any past diagnoses of HIV/AIDS or other STDs? Syhphilis?What is your travel history like? Any trips to 'exotic' places such as Africa, England, Thailand, etc? Any exposure to animals while there? More on the twitching:Does anything make the twitching better? Do you have the twitching when sitting still? Anything make it worse? Are you currently taking any medications? Any pain anywhere in the body associated with the twitching? Any back pain? Any numbness or tingling anywhere in your body? Pins/needles? Burning pain?Musclemass: Any new changes in your life (new job, more physical demand at work, etc)? Personal life (fixing a new house, helping a child move, etc)? Has your exercise/acitivty pattern changed? What is your diet like?Any other associated symptoms, such as diarrhea? Stomach pain?As for the Androgel, what symptom are you taking it for, specifically? Just b/c blood test showed low testosterone, or is there another symptom? If you are taking it for infertility, you might need to take it every day to be effective. If for loss of libido, etc, it's not that important to take it every day. BUT you should discuss this with your doctor before making any changes. Also, tell your doctor about your budgeting issues - sometimes there are coupons and patient assistance programs they may get you in touch with to help.Based on all the further information I solicited, your differential diagnosis is EXTENSIVE. It could be anything, and a medical professional would need WAY more information before a diagnosis can be made.If you answer the questions I asked above (cut and paste and then answer each question), I can tell you what my narrowed differential diagnosis is but right now it can be anything. Of main importance is your age.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 21, 2007
    • 08:27 PM
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  • Hi Michael: I was going through the same thing. Mine was the start of a thyroid storm for graves disease. But I was sick for along time. Let me know what you find. I will be curious. I still tremble really bad. I don't drink, smoke, or do any illegal drugs.:(
    klschup 42 Replies
    • January 31, 2008
    • 00:06 AM
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  • I had the same exact symptoms, rapid heart beat/irregular heartbeat, and trembling of the hands and legs. My hands were the most noticable though, and they thought it was graves disease, which they diagnosed me with, but they were wrong....it took them 2 years to schedule a CAT scan and found out that I have a pituitary tumor. Now they have me on medications to shrink it, and I no longer have any symptoms.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • August 20, 2008
    • 04:58 AM
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