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undiagnosed thyroid cancer

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  • Posted By: Samantha09
  • April 28, 2009
  • 00:30 PM

Hi, I first went to see my GP with a lump just under my jaw bone at around 17 years old, he told me it was probably just a viral infection and gave me antibiotics, told me to go home and go back in 2 weeks if it had not gone down. I went back 2 weeks later as it was still there and hadn't budged at all, he said there was nothing he could do for it and it was nothing sinister, I believed him and went home, he was the doctor after all. A couple of years later I started losing weight and had a really hard time getting hungry, I went back to the GP and he said it was nothing to worry about I should start putting weight on soon I couldn't keep losing it, again I left thinking he knew what he was talking about. Then just a few months after losing weight I started to feel constantly sick mostly in the mornings and at that point I couldn't get hungry at all, I was down to just 6 stone and was getting some really bad heart palpatations that almost made me pass out, and so again I visited the GP, this time he prescribed me anti sickness medication and listened to my chest with his stethoscope and again the same words, there's nothing sinister wrong don't worry go home. I got to around 20-21 years old and found another lump just above my collar bone, I'd done some research on the net and each time it came up with something relating to a desease, naturally I was extremely worried so went to see the GP and he gave me more anti biotics, apparently there was nothing wrong with me still even though I had 2 lumps, lost loads of weight and felt sick constantly, I went back 2 weeks later and he felt the lumps and told me that they had shrunk, I disagreed with his judgement it's my neck I'd know if they had shrunk or not, he raised his voice saying he could not cut them out. I left quite upset, your doctor is supposed to reasure you not make you feel worse. I'd had enough and so decided to change GPs, as soon as the new doctor see me and felt the lumps, she reffered me to the hospital, I had biopsies of all sorts performed and then I got the diagnosis, papillary thyroid carcinoma metastasis, I knew I'd had this for at least 8 years and was absolutely terrified thinking I'd have to plan my own funeral wondering who I'd leave my 2 young children with, it was awful. The surgeon made me an appointment to have a total thyroidectomy and right neck disection almost immediately, I''ve never known pain like it, I've had a few doses of radioactive iodine and now I've put weight on and feeling alot better. I've not yet been given the 'all clear' yet but I'm hoping to get that news soon. I've not got thyroid cancer in my family at all so the only conclusion I've come to is that I must have been given it from the hospital when I was around 10 years old. I came off of a seesaw at the park and cracked my jaw, I was given 16 head xrays in 1 sitting, it's obvious to me that the radioactiveness was sucked up by my thyroid like a sponge. Apparently there is a limit to the amount of xrays a child is allowed to have, my family never knew this and so this is how I think I got the cancer. This has turned my whole life upside down and I'm now trying to get the doctor struck off, he obviously is past it. Thanks for reading, I hope if you have any lumps at all anywhere you keep going on until you get a diagnosis asap

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