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Two misdiagnosises on one visit

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 19, 2007
  • 06:10 PM

A few days ago, I just came from the clinic & she diagnosed my as having a simple ear infection that was 9 weeks previously diagnosed as TMJ (a jaw joint disease, the reason it can be misdiagnosed at all is because an ear infection can also give you jaw pain when you chew like TMJ can) by a different doctor at the same clinic. No wonder the pain killers I kept trying for the TMJ never worked, it was just a slowing progressing ear infection that finally blew up into a large one. However, it's "funny" that this doctor had said "ear infection" & managed to be RIGHT when right afterwards she misdiagnosed me with fluid retention in the ankles & borderline high blood pressure (2 misdiagnosis's). She never bothered to do her checking & ask me what I'd been taking for the "pretend TMJ" issue, if she had she would've found that the Aleve I took had given me the side-effect of fluid retention in the ankles (a common side-effect). As far as the "pretend blood pressure" issue, it was a misdiagnosis resulting from ADMITTED USE OF BROKEN BLOOD PRESSURE CUFFS (sickening thought, isn't it?!). You see, when I got home afterwards I recalled a visit there with another doctor on 3-1-07 (7 weeks ago) where she ADMITTED they use broken cuffs-she was trying several cuffs to check my blood pressure (which kept showing "BORDERLINE HIGH", sound familiar?!) then she said they'd been using broken ones & she went & got another one & this cuff showed my pressure to be NORMAL. This makes a grand total of 2 misdiagnosis's in 1 visit-a NEW RECORD FOR THEM they should be proud (sarcasm).

There were OTHER medical errors as well so why am I surpised, like 1 was REFUSING to give me pills for my symptom of severe restless leg syndrome back on 1-8; then there was the hormone treatment issue where one rude doctor tried to force her decision on me to lower my hormone doseage because she felt she coudn't "let me" take the risk of heart trouble-"let me" was her terminology.."let me", like it's her place to say what I can do; this turned out better later with a different doctor there who "let ME" decide for myself if I wanted the risk that goes with hormone treatment (that was nice of her, unlike the other lady who FORCED it on me)--you see, for some medical issues like hormone treatment, the patient can decide if they're willing to take that small risk of a side-effect (don't confuse what I'm saying here, it's ALSO your legal right the treatment COMPLETELY).

Needless to say, today I finally decided to find a new clinic-6 medical errors in only 3 1/2 months is WAY TOO MUCH. Worse yet, when I called out of curiosity to ask if they had bought new blood pressure cuffs to replace the old ones, the woman on the phone refused to answer me with "yes" or "no" but instead became irrate & DENIED it ever happened (like I've gone mad & had hallucinated that doctor visit!) & she said they've never been broken. In my book, insisting on using broken equipment & then denying it's broken is not only SICK but it's CRIMINAL & I'm going to report that because it violates the law to use broken medical equipment.

So, now I sit here "amazed" when an entire clinic is a mess-up (I had seen a different doctor each time, so it wasn't just 1 screwy doctor) much less intentionally using broken equipment! I never thought I'd have to be on the look-out for broken equipment-this makes me wonder how many misdaignosis's occur because of this & the patient never knew it. So now I have watch out for medical error AND broken equipment-swell.

I'd like to end by saying "thanks" to wrongdiagnosis.com for having a section about "symptoms & their causes"-this is what led me to find out my fluid retention was a side-effect of the Aleve I was taking!

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