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Trouble with steroid shot

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 6, 2007
  • 09:25 PM

My 4 year old daughter had a case of Strep throat that we began treating right away. She seemed to improve quickly. After being fever free for 12 hours she developed 103 fever, couldn't move her neck, and couldn't open her mouth. She kept complaining that her ear hurt as well. In fact that was her main complaint. She was seen in the pediatricians office at 4:00 pm and I was told to rush her to the hospital for drainage of an abscess in her throat and possibly a tonsillectomy. Before we left for the hospital my daughter received a massive dose of steroid and antibiotic. This is where it all went wrong. She had a CT which stated she had a small abscess and Mastoiditis. The ENT never mentioned the Mastoiditis and said he wanted to try IV antibiotics instead of draining the abscess. After staying 2 nights in the hospital he was ready to discharge her. My daughter's was very irratable. We told the ENT that something didn't seem right. He ordered another CT and Blood work. Her CT showed that the abscess was twice the size they originally thought because of the steroid. Her white count was over 20,000. She was rushed to surgery. If it wasn't for that shot of steroid she would have been treated properly. The ENT decided that the mastoiditis was not significant- he never did speak to us directly about it. We have a follow up with another ENT to discuss it.

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  • I was diagnosed with an enlarged pituitary gland and was also suffering from severe back pain. After multiple different treatments for the low back pain, including narcotics the doctors decided to give me a steroid injection. The injection completely sent my body into crazy mode. It put my menses completely out of whack, caused my IBS to become more severe and also caused my thyroid to show up on the low side. As with before the injection, I didn't show ANY signs of thyroid problems nor any other endocrine issues. I am not sure yet if my enlarged gland has gotten worst, but I do know my symptoms have worsened. I hope your daughter gets better and that she avoids steroids in the future =)
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  • I was almost going to narrate something similar so this makes me feel the problems with the steroid shots are rather commonplace incidents and are always a great threat for the children. The canada drugs have helped me in my crisis but I fear there are many others who might be in risk as they do not know whether it is steroids that they are going for.
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  • I am finally glad I found someone who has the same reaction with the steroid shot and their endocrine system. I have a back injury as well as a really screwed up endocrine system I suspect that I got from a brief hospital stay for chest pains. I have always been strong and healthy but now I can hardly walk. I swelled up so badly that my breasts have increased 2 cup sizes and have incredibly ugly stretch marks and redness that still hasn't gone away. I told the doctor SPECIFICALLY that I am taking hormone replace i.e. for my adrenals and he just shot me up 4 times anyway. He should know better that the steroid will disrupt my endocrine system even further. I can't find any doctor worth a crap. I seem to know more than they do. I have been suffering for a year and a half and done much research and definitely know my own body. I listen to it, but when I tell a doctor, they are more worried about their payment or how much money they can get out of me. My doctor said as he looked at my swollen body that I should drink tonic water then said, "do you want the shot or not"? Insensitive to say the least. I am not sure if it is an allergic reaction exactly but just made my other problems bigger. Figuratively and literally. All I can say is do your research. Most doctors just try to fix the problem at hand and refuse to look at the bigger picture. At least I see a Naturopath doctor that understands the whole body. Don't ever take the doctor's word before you do anything. Research it and ask lots of questions.I hope you all faired well from your medical disasters. I have a long way to go.
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