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tired of living

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 2, 2007
  • 03:46 AM

my depression has left me both physically and spiritually fatigued. no medication works and im becoming literally tired of living. anyone else feel the same?

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  • I feel the same way sometimes. I'm on 10 different medications as a result of Addison's disease. They put me on zoloft for about 8 months and that just made me a zombie. I didn't even care about my mail. Then I had a different doctor put me on wellbutrin. And the only thing that helped me with was the smoking. Which was good. But, I went off the antidepressants in October because I felt that some of the meds I'm on are just being used to mask and cover up the true way I feel. I am doing well, but I feel sometimes in life a pill is not enough - I need more. And I need to be spiritually fed in order to keep a positive attitude. No pill in life can redirect that dreaded bill coming in the mail, or an arguement with the spouse. It can only help us with our reactions to life's circumstances. And when I'm that doped up....well, I like to be able to control my own actions. You know??? Cheer up- at least spring is coming soon.
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  • my depression has left me both physically and spiritually fatigued. no medication works and im becoming literally tired of living. anyone else feel the same?I feel for you and have felt the same some time ago and recently.However you need to find something to do and a good friend would help.I know it sounds easy to say but it is true,,i know.If you ever want or need to talk please feel free to contact me as i think i can help and would truly like to.My email is..pickerbrett@hotmail.com..Please contact me if your down,,remember there are people in your life who would be hurt if you did anything to harm yourself.Regards.Brett
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  • yep. pretty much feel the same way. Talking to people helps. I am just to lazy right now-- but it has helped in the past. Aromatherapy-- helps me alot. I am a bath and body works and the body shop freak. They have alot good fragrance that help lift me up sometimes. The releasing the endomorphines by exercising they are trying for is not working. Neither is the lexipro. It cuts the edge off. But I could use an increase in dosage maybe. But I have two crazy bosses on me at my job as it is. So I can't be zonked out on anymore stuff right now. I hate life..Just becoming too difficult and complicated.
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  • Find purpose. It's all anyone needs to get by in life. Even the most depressed person can find a purpose, and once they do, the focus stops being their depression. Find your niche in life. Maybe it's something as simple as playing video games. Maybe you want to freely study or read and expand your knowledge. Watch world developments and look forward to the next Mars mission. Turn your body into a physical wonder.Some people also find that, since emotional experience puts them through great distress, focusing on the sensory experiences helps. You know what Warren Zevon said, shortly before he died? "Enjoy every sandwich". What better way to approach life? Screw dealing with the unneeded pressures of our screwed up society's expectations, just enjoy that ***n sandwich!I actually smoke pot for my manic depression. It stifles my constant suicidal thoughts and makes me feel happy, so that I can focus on the immediate, and keep on truckin'.And ***n it, be stubborn. Life is a gift. Don't let anyone take it away from you, not even yourself. Wait for whatever god there is to do their work.
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  • Im glad you are still with us and dont take any notice of the idiot who listed ways to commit suicide,,he obviously needs some mental problem.As the other reply said,,find something that interests you and go for it!I know that is easy to say but it is true,you sound like you need some time out.DONT give up,,there is always a way out of things,sometimes we just need someone to point it out for us as we cant see through the problems.I hope to hear you are doing better in your next letter,,so until then take care for now and chin up..Brett.xx
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  • I see the post of the guy discussing ways to commit suicide was deleted, as well as my reply to him. Both he and the guy who started this threat are listed as unregistered, but apparently/hopefully are differant people.Anyway, please remember, no matter how bad it is, there is always a tommorrow. You need to find something to look forward to in life. And no matter how bad life is, death surely isn't going to be an improvement.;)The worse thing people do is feel like there is no tommorrow, don't think ahead, and act impulsively.Whats causing your depression? Are you being abused by someone, a bully perhaps?
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  • Try surrounding yourself with citrus scents, and do a study on how color affects you. Paint your rooms according to the right colors or add knick knacks throw pillows of that color. Good luck! We're only here once, enjoy the stay!
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  • I have a huge history with depression. I find that forcing yourself to be around warm gentle people and do low activity things, force yourself to get as much sun as possible and keep yourself in a regular sleeping routine help that includes a lot of daylight hours. Sometimes visiting the hospital if there is one in your area is a good option. there might be non-psychiatry organizations in your area that can offer non-medicinal help if you are not interested in medications. I have tried many of the medications and did not like the side effects in the least. Did not feel like I was myself and in the end decided this was just as bad as depression.I do think taking a b-complex vitamin is a good idea. It helped me out for sure. Drinking also effects me days later and never seems to be a good idea when I am down. It helps me dwell on things for days.Isolation and darkness do always seem to me a bad idea for most people whether they take medications or not.Just my experience. Whatever decision you make, I wish you very well.
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  • 1) Change your job, if you don't like your job it can make depression greater. Life is too short not to enjoy it. Sign up with a temporary agency because they can place you at different jobs until you like one and most time they want to hire you. 2) Adopt a little dog from the pound because he/she needs you. Refocus your energy to the dog instead of your depression. (a little dog cost less to feed and easier to clean up after) 3) Do research and research until you find the exact combination of information you need to either change your medications, doctors and soon you'll be happy you did. Remember, life can always be worse. You may lose some friends if you are always depressed and all you talk about is depression, so talk to you family because they will never leave you, they are blood.
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  • It annoys me when people say I'm tired of living because of "lesser" issues...those with terminal cancer, for example, would love to go on living but can't. Depression (mental illness in general) is quite devistating, and it can truly ruin one's life, but just remember that things aren't as bad as they could be. Any time you truly feel upset or that your life isn't worth it, consider that there are an infinite number of less-fortunate people who would LOVE to be in your shoes. Just out of curosity, have you tried exercise for alleviating some of the symptoms? Exercise really does help for some people because it stimulates the whole body and brain. Also, it sounds odd perhaps, but chocolate can be of some use for its endorphin-stimulating properties.
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  • my depression has left me both physically and spiritually fatigued. no medication works and im becoming literally tired of living. anyone else feel the same?Try Reiki- and cleanse your Chakras- start with the root chakra, the solar plexus, and the heart chakra.Root Chakra is instinct- survival, being grounded to this life.Solar Chakra is Self power.Heart Chakra is love, joy, and sadness-http://www.reikipartners.org/rp_com_chakra.htmhttp://www.yogachicago.com/jul06/balance.shtmlhope this links are helpful.When one is depressed is like all the switches of life are turned off in us.You need to bring the proper amount of energy flow to make you feel at home and happy in your own skin.Always identify yourself with your perfect self- not with your symptoms.You are certainly not trying to put any real or imaginary burden on you- your unbalance is as real as the gravity of someone who is bleeding from the neck.Love, light and peace.Best,Eatafruit78.
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  • I've been there oh so many times. There were times in my life when I was raising my children that I was so depressed and tired, I just wanted to go crazy and be commited. No such luck. Later I thought about just leaving life, but God wouldn't let me let go. So, by His grace I'm still here some 20 plus years later. It's been a difficult and hard journey, but I never give up, and neither should you. Search for answers and fight for life one that is full of (life).
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  • You mentioned you were also spiritually drained. Depression is a stronghold and there is a guy (Mike) who helps people with depression and will even do it over the phone. Here is a link to his site. Info may be useful if you are serious about getting rid of this thing!http://www.arizonachristiancommunity.com/Hardcore/Christianity
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  • Cymbalta helped me tremendously-it works on 2 areas of the brain -sometimes your psychiatrist may have to increase it beyond the normal dose. good luck to you.
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  • Hi Tired of Living,I have felt that way. And occasionally, I still imagine doing myself in. One of the problems with having the kind of mind that thinks of suicide, is that ever after, that kind of thinking can crop up, even when I'm not totally depressed. But I have been deeply depressed. To the point where I was taking stupid chances, because I didn't care any more. To the point where I felt that my husband and kids would be better off without me. To the point where I felt that my presence was a drag on the world, a burden, and being gone would be better than being here.The moment I knew I was finally coming out of my depression was one night when I took a turn too fast, and cut off another car. It was a close call, and it scared me. And about a half second after I realized I was scared, I was so happy--I realized I cared. I cared if I died. I figured that if I could be worried about dying, I must not really want to anymore. And it was the case that over the following few months, my depression did lift.When I finally came out of it, I could see that there were people I could help, that my kids really did need me, and my husband would miss me terribly. The next time I fell into a really bad depression was six months after I was hit by an SUV. I really thought I would just get better. Turned out that besides all the physical pain I was enduring, I was also dealing with brain damage. My ability to know what I was and wasn't able to accomplish was pathetic. My ability to do what I used to was severely diminished, but I kept trying, assuming I could, and then running into a (conceptual) brick wall, over and over again. So now, when I consider doing myself in (those thoughts crop up much more often than I wish to admit) I have figured out why I will stay around. Yes, I know my kids really do need me, and my husband wants me, and my friends would miss me...but that isn't what keeps me around when I'm tanking.This is going to sound sick. But this is true...what keeps me around, what keeps me from giving in to those lousy suicidal feelings, is that I truly believe that in the next 40 years or so, we are either going to see a total environmental collapse, or we are going to see political, ethical fortitude to fix the environment, like nothing that has never been seen before. And I've decided that this is way too interesting to miss. So, I'm staying. Yah, I guess I'm a sick puppy. :rolleyes: But with this attitude, no matter how unbelievably terrible things get, I can just look at it all with a sort of detached feeling (after my initial depressed/angry response) and say, "well, look at that...isn't that interesting."Stay with it, Babe. Even if you don't know why for right now, expect that if you ever knew why you wanted to live at some other time, you will again in the future. Even if life sucks. Even if you can't be the way you were before.Oh, and one more thing...if you ever feel afraid that you will do something hurtful to someone else, and you think it would be better to kill yourself before that happened, go to the hospital emergency room instead. Even if you can't pay, if you are really that bad off, they have to take you if you tell them how you are feeling (dangerous to others/self). And no matter how bad a hospital is, it is better than death.Blessings,Shula
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  • I kept getting worse and it got so bad I wanted to kill myself and admitted myself to hospital for my family not me.At the time I did not care about me or feel like me.Come to find out the topamax I was on for headaches was making my headaches worse and my mental state suicidal.The med almost killed me.
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  • I was tired of living too. I was so sick and noone believed me. I had over 70 symptoms and had every test, went to every doc, tried every pill.Nothing worked. I thought it was "just me".The I recieved a correct diagnosis and was told that people with my illness were seeking help in the "naturopath" realm...Here in this forum, someone suggested NAET/Bioset therapy.I took the advice. It was the best thing I ever did. No kidding, my symptoms are 90% resolved.It is non-invasive and a form of accupressure. I was very skeptical but I went. What I learned was incredible and having my life back is "priceless"My family is amazed at my recovery. They will all be attending Bioset very soon themselves!! Best to you...Is it possible for people who don't even know you to care about you?...I think it is...get well soon:D mommy cat
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    • August 20, 2007
    • 10:19 PM
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  • To the original "unregistered"... I know that you feel lonely and apart from the world, like a starving child with your face pressed to a window watching people pig out at a huge buffet... please look behind you though... you are not alone. One poster suggested getting a dog... believe it or not that is a pretty good suggestion. I am disabled... have oodles of problems medically and added to that I have had 19 surgeries in the past 9 years due to an ankle injury that just can't be fixed no matter how they try. My last surgery was on March 7, 2006... the last ditch surgery before amputation (that will be in the coming year) and on the way home from the hospital what does my husband do???? He takes a 'detour' to pick up a prescription... and we end up at a house! I am sitting there in pain and he is visiting someone on the way home??? We go to the door and he introduces us and we are led into a living room and next thing I know a long hair chihuahua puppy (something I had always wanted) is placed in my hands and I am told 'here is your new baby'. Boy... was I ticked! Here I am, unable to take care of myself and now I am expected to take care of this tiny creature as my hubby waltzes off to work every day? Was he insane???? Well, I named him Loki (for the Norse God of Mischief and chaos, believe me it fits) and that tiny yelping poop factory was the best medicine I could have ever gotten! I could not spend days hiding in bed and sleeping all day because he needed me... I was the one to litter train him because I could not take him outside, and he trained fast. I started training him to do more and more... and he became my service dog and has been certified... There is something about the absolute and unquestioning love of a pet for it's owner and care-giver... they do not care if your hair is uncombed, they do not judge you and if you are sad they lay with you and add their comfort. I still get depressed, but not to the point that I used to because of Loki... he is my constant companion and if I go and start taking life too seriously he will bring me back to earth by offering me his soggy nasty dog drool dripping favorite toy... talk about a sure sign of love! If a pet is out of the picture because of allergies or restrictions where you live, consider something I call 'puppy therapy'... go to a petstore and give a puppy some 'out of the cage' time... you will get to enjoy some puppy breath smell and they will get some essential socialization... win win. (There are 'hair' dogs that have hair and skin much like human hair such as poodles, lhasa apsos, ****zu's, maltise, silky terriers, yorkshire terriers... etc. They do not shed any more than a human does and are actually considered hypo-allergenic in most cases) I know that it is hard to remember things that you 'used' to like to do... even trying to decide to eat can be a major hassle... but write yourself a list of the things that you remember enjoying in the past as well as foods you used to go nuts for... and at least once a week, try to do something on that list or eating one of the foods... your body will remember the association even if your mind does not and in a while you will begin to find joy in these things once more. I will make a deal with you.... even if you give up on yourself I will not.... so no matter what happens there will always be someone who has full faith in you.... Peny
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    • August 21, 2007
    • 06:50 AM
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  • Depression can eat at you from the inside out. Do not rely on these addictive drugs too long when administered. I grew up with a Manic Depressive and doctors did nothing to help but constantly feed her drugs for years. In the end, she took her own life. Dealing with it all, I took the deep dive into something positive.Began writing just before she died, 14 years ago. The most theraputic and satisfying endeavour I've experienced. Truly love it, and it's been the best medicine I could ever use to deal with all the negative aspects of life. Find something , anything you have a interest in. I started with poetry to exhaust the dark emotions inside me and by pure fluke. You never know what you love until you find it. Keep that chin up.;) read my emotional journey from suicide at http:/www.socyberty.com/death/some-wounds-never-heal.38318 my depression has left me both physically and spiritually fatigued. no medication works and im becoming literally tired of living. anyone else feel the same?
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    • August 21, 2007
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  • Three things come to mind immediately. See an endocrinologist immediately. Do not just accept depression as a diagnosis. Hormones can play havac. The other thing is Chemicals in your home,car,workplace. They are all extremely toxic to the body & mind. Get rid of all of them, cleaners, scented stuff,detergents & fabric softeners are the worst, deoderants,etc. Eat only organic, no sodas,etc. Get rid of all of those. Walk every day at least 30 minutes. I think those 3 things will get you up & running. focus on the positive.
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    • August 28, 2007
    • 04:31 AM
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