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Three in three months - UK NHS

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  • Posted By: MsSponge
  • December 6, 2007
  • 04:45 PM

In Oct of this year my 41 year old uncle died. He went to the doctor 18 months ago with vomitting and chest pain. He was told is was heartburn. They tested him for heart problems but when the results were negative then no other tests were done.

He was admitted to hospital on Oct 7th with severe vomitting. To cut a long story shorter he had undiagnosed gall stones. One had blocked a bile ducked, poisoned his pancreas and then he passed on Oct 18th.

My Grandfather has been in pain since early this year. His GP told him it was "wear and tear". Three weeks ago after my aunt called the doctor and threatened him with an official complaint he was sent to a specialist. He has lung cancer which due to being left has spread to his brain and his bones. He has only weeks to live and is going down hill fast.

On Nov 14th my husband became ill with what I thought was flu. On the 16th I took him to the hospital as his temp had gone up to 40c (approx 104f) and he was vomitting. He was in for ten days and had various tests. They suspected IBD (Crohns) but didnt want to start steroids until they ruled out infection as they said that they would irritate any infection and that this could be dangerous.

They confirmed no bacteria in stool, diagnosed Crohns and proceeded with steroids. He has been out of hospital since last Monday and today I get a letter from the environmental health dept. to say he tested positive for Campylobacter infection. Apparently when a stool sample is done if there is an infection of this type they automatically contact environmental health. We have not been contacted by a doctor, just received a letter in the post.

He is now on a ton of steroids for his "Crohns" and now we dont even know if he has it as I was told that this infection can look the same under a colonoscopy as CD. If so, why did they start him on steroids (they said they ruled out infection). Now we dont know and I have put a call in to the specialist for the biopsy results to see if he does indeed have Crohns. If he doesnt he is taking about 20 steroid tablets a day for NOTHING.

The doctors secretary told me she would get back to me but it might not be today and in the meantime he should still take his meds.

I am soooo frustrated by the UK NHS right now. :mad::mad:

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  • I am sorry for your losses and what you're enduring with your husband.Unfortunately, doctors these days treat individual symptoms rather than looking at the entire patient and this leads to many misdiagnoses.Your situation is a common theme I hear more and more. I'm in the US and it took 8 months, 11 emergency department visits, and 6 doctors to eventually get the correct diagnosis and proper treatment for my condition. I had the actual symptoms and altered lab tests for nearly two years. I didn't start seeking answers until I meant someone online (an online game site) who happened to have had the same symptoms. Her illness occurred five years ago and she could remember it as if it happened yesterday. The symptoms are quite painful so once you have it you never forget it.The lessons I've learned from my experiences are to get copies of lab tests, never stop searching for answers on your own, listen to and trust your gut feelings, and get many opinions from several doctors.
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    • December 10, 2007
    • 11:19 PM
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