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The symptoms lied

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  • Posted By: LymeTime
  • March 3, 2008
  • 08:36 PM

first id like to quote my first thread on here:

ok so a couple months ago i got some symptoms that include

muscle and joint pain

these lasted around 2 months, but i thought i should be checked out. all the docotrs in the area were booked and i get scared easily (when it comes to health problems) so i took my car and went almost 1 thousand 5 hundred miles to america. where the doctors told me to go home because there was nothing wrong. i left my wife and kids at home and i go just for them to tell me to go home. instead i checked myself into a hotel, where i lived for maybe 1 month. i started to think that there really was nothing wrong. the next day i started to pack when i felt VERY tired, i started getting heart palpitations so i went to sit down

while sitting down i could feel my heart beat slow, then speed up VERY quickly. i waited a few hours considering that i may be having a heart attack, and then a couple hours later the heart palpitations stopped. i still felt very tired and a few days later i got these new symptoms:

central and peripheral nervous system disorders
multiple skin rashes
arthritis and arthritic symptoms

then these symptoms popped up again:

Extreme fatigue and general weakness
heart palpitations

then i went to the doctors again, where he said the heart palpitations were most likely caused by stress from the trip here and the fatigue was from the nights i stayed up while driving here, but he had no answer for the other symptoms

these lasted for about 1 year, the whole time living in the same hotel. i thought the fatigue and heart palpitations were from home sickness or stress, so i didnt worry about them

then POOF my symptoms go away again. almost over night. i feel great, and i think its all over. so i started heading home. on my way home i got heart palpitations again, and extreme fatigue, i fell asleep at the wheel and woke up in the hospital that i had visited the first few times.

the doctors were taking my seriously now, but again they came to me with no answers. so i checked myself back into the hotel on conditions that i dont drive and have a phone near by at all times.

months went by and my symptoms increased and got worse. my symptoms AGAIN went away for about 3 months. then EVERY previous symptom i had hit me again, and hard. many new symptoms also appeared.

these are the symptoms that cause me ***l everyday now:

Fever, chills, sweats
Fatigue, tiredness
Sore Throat
Upset stomach
Change in bowel function, constipation
Chest pain and rib soreness
Shortness of breath, cough
Heart palpitations, pulse skips, heart block
Joint pain or swelling
Muscle pain and cramps
Constant Headache
Neck creaks and cracks, neck stiffness
Stiffness of the joints and back
Tingling, numbness, burning and a stabbing pain
Dizziness, poor balance
Light-headedness, wooziness, difficulty walking, clumsy bumping into objects
Confusion, difficulty in thinking, difficulty in concentrating, difficulty with sticking with task
Mood swings, irritability, depression
Disturbed sleep: too much, too little, early awakening- goes through cycles sometimes too much
Nasal stuffiness /restriction
Shortness of breath
No desire to do anything- including favorite hobbies
Rapid pulse with slightest exertion
Perfuse sweating- soaking wet
Muscle pains, cramps, charley horse
Pains switching from one side of the body to the other
Stiff aching neck
Changes in vision
Difficulty swallowing
Changes in taste or smell

so i searched these symptoms on google, and i kept getting the search result "Lyme Disease" so one day i decided to actually read somethnig about it, AND IT WAS SPOT ON like a light went on "this is what i have" i went to the hodpital again and i was told to go home. and that my brain was making up symptoms because they have done all the tests and no blood tests show any sign of lyme or any other disease/infection

please help!

if you read that and remember, i checked myself into a hotel very close to the hospital. after countless times of going to the hospital after the car accident and everything coming back neg, and being sent back to the hotel room everytime i finally decided to bring matters into my own hands

i have all the symptoms of a classic lyme patient, only its not lyme. and heres how i found out:

i posted in a persons thread, named "richedie" i was almost going to give up on life and stop my search for an answer. but seeing that somebody els had bigger problems made me want to go on, so i got the idea of HEMOCHROMATOSIS, my mother died from it and i asked in my first thread if it could be Hereditary, but i didnt get an answer

so i went back to richedie's thread and went over the 2 links that i posted there. and found nothing.

BUT what i forgot to tell everybody in the post saying i knew what was wrong, was that a few doctors in the hospital are now saying that i could have lyme! BUT i wasnt going to give up on hemochromatosis yet. so i searched some more.

then FINALLY I FOUND IT! http://health.yahoo.com/musculoskeletal-overview/hemochromatosis/healthwise--sth149691.html

saying that hempchromatosis could be Hereditary. and that was all the proof i needed.

i remember all my blood tests having high iron levels, but i didnt think much of it because.. well.. everything you eat has iron. it seemed normal.

so today i went back into the hospital and started a 24 hour heavy metal urine screen test, ect

i am getting all the results back in about a week or a little more, but i had the doctors testing me tell me that they think its hemochromatosis. whoch i liked to hear because most doctors were stumped or just telling me that it was lyme because they didnt nkow what it is

im happy that i caught this early, because as i said before, my mother died of hemochromatosis because the doctors didnt diagnose it before it was to late.

the message is, dont give up. look at all conditions that could explain your symptoms and demand testing for them all. dont let doctors THINK they know whats wrong with you, if they dont know then become your own doctor.

thank you for reading and i will continue to help new people here in the "i cannot get a diagnosis. Please help" section.

EDIT: also i forgot to mention, my case is very strange since i am 24 and hemochromatosis normally appears at ages 30 - 60, so dont give up because symptoms of a disease show up earlier then they normally do

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  • also, if anybody has any misdiagnosis storys they would like to share im more than happy to hear them :):):)
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  • hey everybody! i should be getting the test results back very soon so i will post the findings here when i can :)
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  • good.. well in a way its good news; blood tests - pos for hemochromatosis! blood tests - high amounts of iron thank you to everybody that read this, i will be in the "i need a diagnosis" forum :)
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