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The Big lawsuit that could of been and that child...

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  • February 18, 2009
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Summer 2005 and I finally accept the scary possiblity that my fiance had been presenting for a many weeks. He thought I might be pregnant. I took a home test and it came up positive immediately. It was My first pregnancy. I went behind My pro-life fiance's back and called several facilities where abortions were offered for more medical info and financial info.
I supposed I was about 6-12 weeks along. Certainly no more than that.
While in this process of looking and debating, I fell more slightly ill everyday.
I would get cramps. I would get lightheaded, headaching, I would have backaches, I would have some fever, I would have spotting. When it got very bothersome, I went with my finace to the local hospital to get checked out. Each time they gave me a preg test which, of course, turned out positive but ALSO indicated an infection. Each time (2-4 times in a couple of weeks) they sent me away with no treatment and no medication.
They did do 2 sonograms which indicated a healthy and viable fetus during those few visits. I was well beyond the point I'd estimated. I was nearing 20 weeks!!!
My last visit there, I was spotting more than usual and had a rising fever (100+, normally mid 97's) I was aching all over. I told I was cramping a little more noticeably and aching, fever, spotting... they sent me away and told me to relax and get over it, basically.
Within 12 hours of discharge I went to my scheduled appt with a family doctor who also happened to be a well renowned OB but not her chosen practice. There were several people ahead of me in line to see her. Upon arriving I was getting delirious. I felt and knew I was very sick but had the sensation of being high...and like sleep deprived for 4 nights though I wasn't. I was shaking and shivering all over, hurting, bent over, aching and losing touch with reality. So the next paragraph or so may be indescript or strange because it is my impaired recollection of the experience.
I know that she took me over her other patients and within 5 minutes of her examination of me she told my fiance she was going to call an ambulance. He drove me himself to a hospital that was expecting me already. I remember lying on a stretcher. I think my mom was there. They took me from the er to the maternity ward faster than I can recall.
I know I was calling people the wrong names. There was more than one med pro with us. I kept shaking all over and saying silly stuff.

I remember 1 sonogram type thing and that's about it.
Then I'm in a hospital room and there's a doctor and a nurse or 2 there telling me that my "water has broken". I ask some questions in response. They tell me that the fetus is still living but will not be alive once I give birth and I'm septic blah blah something....
I fall asleep.
They enduce labor as I'm in and out. Must have been at least through that night hours? ??
I'm getting antibotics now. I noticed that much. Then the pain started. SEVERE SEVERE SEVERE cramps, general sickness, PAIN! I howled and screamed like a woman getting slowly sliced with an axe in a swinging sling for at least 40 hours? Med pros kept coming in ready to jack me up with pain killers and such and I angrily refused ( I hated and feared such things back then). Several nurses complained that I was disturbing many other patients. I didn't care.
My finace was at my side the entire time I think. At some point he compelled the med pros to go ahead and inject me whether I liked it or not.
I woke drowsy. There was daylight. I felt a really sudden urge, like I'd ate alot of bad mexican food.I yelled at my finace to grab a bucket as I turned my body off the edge of the bed and with just a few seconds of straining came the fetus.
Oh happy day. Guess i'll just "get over" seeing my stillborn child in a crap bucket????!!!!????!!!!!
The meds pros were there ina sec. I lied down, remember them saying something about pushing and not getting some king of scraping procedure. E& something?

I will skip the unessential sentimental and emotional parts that followed and skip right to what those F&*(h ups at the 1st hospital had failed to treat/misdiagnosed that led to this catastrophe:
I was pregnant.
Not once did the docs at the 1st hospital suspect, test for etc a kidney infection though an increasingly worsening infection was present each time.
pregnant+kidney infection= bad. Especially bad, even deadly if untreated I now know.
My untreated infection led to SEPTICEMIA. (septic shock). Which caused the illness, water to break and thus, all that I experienced.
I also read later that something like 1/7 people with septicemia die. Well, I survived, the child my fiance and I had just began to anticipate did not.

My advice to any expectant mother is this: if you have any combination of the symptoms I listed in the beginning of this post, and you are told to "get over it" or "just get some rest" see a/another skilled OB ASAP!!! You know your body better than anyone else. Your life and the life of your future child may at stake! If you have severe symptoms go to a reputable hospital for treatment immediately.

I was wrongly diagnosed and not treated properly it cost me a great deal. More than I care to share. I am no longer with my finace of 3.5 years either, we separated within a year of this incident.
A case file against the doctors/hospital in question is in record with the county this occurred in. It makes me sick that idiots like those would have the audacity to charge $1000 plus a visit to send me untreated to an end like mine.
No child. No fiance. Strange cells on my cervis now. Horrible thoughts and memories that plague me. Intense fear of ever getting pregnant (at 27 no less). And a SKELTON in my closet...both literal and figuratively.

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  • Sorry about the shock of loosing your child; I think some grief counseling may be helpful. Sounds like your true love may still be out there; it will just take some time to heal and move on. Give yourself some time. At first, it sounded like you may have had a STD, and since your pap (?) is not normal (HPV???) you need to once again push for treatment for the abnormal cells. I thought you may have had chlamydia, for some reason. I had a kidney infection when I was pregnant and was in the hospital for a week; yet, the entire time, they never gave me antibiotics and just gave me tylenol for my high fever. I have no idea how I ever recovered. Take care.
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